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Crete are not so much a separate species as much as they are a genetic offshoot of Humans. Crete tend to take the Human spirit of adaptability and flexibility to the extreme. Crete are agile humanoids. That being said, they tend to be flexible not only with their bodies, but with intellectual and philosophical concepts as well. They treat individuals as individuals and prejudiced Crete are one in a million. Crete are very impatient and tend to act impulsively. They often get into trouble. However, their flexibility and adaptiveness often lends a hand in getting out of it too. Crete are lighthearted and natural pranksters.

Physical Description[edit]

Crete resemble normal humans almost perfectly, except everything about them seems stretched. Long arms end in long fingers and a long head sits atop a slender neck. Males and females are both of comparable weight and girth to their human counterparts, but often are a bit taller. Crete have a naturally fast metabolism and are hardly ever obese.


Crete get along well with all races, much like humans. Sometimes, however, dwarves find them to be a bit too flippy. Gnomes, sharing the Cretes' love of jokes, make excellent companions; the two often exchange friendly pranks with each other.


Crete favor good over evil and neutrality due to their bright view of the world. The unparalleled flexibility Crete are blessed with causes them to favor chaos.


Human settlements.


Crete tend to follow any good god or goddess.


Crete speak Common.


Human names.

Racial Traits[edit]

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