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Credit Rating[edit]

If you are tired of keeping track on every single coin you spend in a D&D game then this is just the skill for you.

Creating Credit Rating[edit]

If you play with Credit Rating you don't start with any money except for those noted in your credit rating (if you play with starting wealth then you loose all your money from starting wealth after buying equipment). So this skill is not like any other skill because it can be based on any ability score depending on your class as shown below:

Class Ability Score
Artificer int
Barbarian str
Bard cha
Cleric wis
Druid wis
Fighter str or dex
Monk wis or dex
Paladin str or cha
Ranger dex
Rogue dex
Sorcerer cha
Warlock cha
Wizard int

No matter your class you can choose to have Charisma as the base ability score for Credit Rating. You can replace any skill proficiency with credit rating. You have a daily expense based on your credit rating and how rich place or job you have/are in (Ex: low daily expense for being in a pour country after a shipwreck). Credit Rating is never being used as an actual skill and is always passive. Your passive credit rating equals: 10 + the ability score it is based on + your starting wealth: the money gained from background and starting wealth if you play with that. Consult the table bellow to see what money you start with.

Passive Credit Rating Spending level Starting wealth
7 8cp 1sp+6cp
8 1sp 2sp
9 3sp 6sp
10 6sp 1gp+2sp
11 8sp 1gp+6sp
12 1gp 2gp
13 1gp+3sp 3gp+2sp+5cp
14 1gp+6cp 4gp
15 2gp 4gp+5sp
16 2gp+5sp 5gp+7sp+5cp
17 3gp 9gp
18 3gp+5sp 10gp+5sp
19 4gp 12gp
20 4gp+5sp 13gp+5sp
21 5gp 20gp
22 6gp 24gp
23 7gp 28gp
24 8gp 32gp
25 9gp 45gp
26 10gp 50gp
27 12gp 60gp
28 14gp 70gp
29 16gp 96gp
30 20gp 120gp

Whenever you find money you may put half into Credit Rating adding 1 to your credit rating per 3 gp.

Based on the conditions you live in you might get your credit rating reduced. The following is a list of some of the ways in may get reduced:

  • You lose 1 Credit Rating if, you get robbed, you don't have any equipment, you live somewhere poor.
  • You lose 2 Credit Rating if, you get robbed, you don't have any job, the city is actively at war.
  • You lose 3 Credit Rating if, you get robbed, the city is under siege.
  • You lose 4 Credit Rating if, you get robbed, the city is being attacked by mighty enemies.
  • You lose 6 Credit Rating if, you must flee without anything but what is on you at the moment.
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