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Create Minion[edit]

You merge some materials together, creating a very weak monster.

Level: 6 Component Cost: 150gp per minion level
Category: Creation Market Price: 500 gp
Time: 1 hour or 30 minutes if rushed. Key Skill: Arcana (No Check)
Duration: Permanent,or Until Destroyed.

You can create an animated minion out of nearby materials. The minion is considered to be your ally but it has limited free will.

You imbue an inanimate loose mass of natural origin and medium or smaller size (at least enough material to occupy a 5 ft. square) with humanoid shape, the ability to move under its own power, an understanding of one language of your choice, and proficiency with one weapon of your choice.

It has speed 6 and Strength 16, never tires, and obeys you at all times though it retains limited free will. The minion have to be at least 2 levels below you. The animated minion is a weak combatant. When brought onto an active battlefield, treat the minion as an ally (1 hit point, never damaged on a missed attack) with all defenses of 11.

It acts just after you do and it has limited free will. You cannot have more than one animated minion at a time from different performances of this ritual. If you attempt to create a second minion,that ritual fails without component expenditure.

  • This ritual can be rushed taking only 30 minutes to perform with the drawback that the minion created lasts only until you take an extended rest, understands no languages, and has no free will. You must expend a minor action each time you wish to command a rushed minion to perform a new simple task such as attack, defend, stay, roll over, etc.


animated minion: hp: 1 (never damaged on a missed attack) ac 11, fortitude 11, reflex 11, will 11, type: construct, move speed 6, stats, strength 16, dexterity 16, constitution 16, will 11, charisma 11, intelligence 11, attacks: slam: d6 damage per tier plus strength modifier

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