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Yes, my Lord Nu'Dak'Thon, these Crea worship their Queen as a living goddess. Capture her and this species will be ours to command.
—Unknown Dakor Commander.


Crea are strange creatures that have a mind-link with all others of their species. they are ruled by the Hive-Queen, who the Dakor currently hold hostage. therefor, the Crea follow the Dakor.

While crea cannot talk, they make constant chattering sounds if scared, hungry, or angry.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • -2 Strength, -2 Constitution, +2 Dexterity.
  • Small Aberration.
  • Crea base land speed is 30 ft. Crea have a base climb speed of 30 ft.
  • Blindsight.
  • +8 racial bonus on Climb checks. +2 racial bonus on Jump, Balance and Navigate checks.
  • Agile: Crea can use their dexterity bonus instead of their strength bonus for climb and jump checks.
  • Hive Mind: Crea are in constant communication with all other crea on the same planet (or other body). They cannot be flanked or caught flat-footed if any other crea can observe a threat.
  • Automatic Languages: Telepathic mind-link with all other crea. Bonus languages: none. However, Crea can communicate telepathically with any living creature within 20 ft. dc 10 will save negates link.
  • Favored Class: any.
  • LA: +0

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