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Craft Major Arcana [Item Creation]

You can create a major arcana for use with tarot magic.
Prerequisite: Caster Level 8th, Craft Minor Arcana
Benefit: This feat allows the tarot mage to craft more powerful magic tarot cards. Each major arcana card requires 2,000 gp of inks and material to craft, and takes at least 16 hours to complete. When the tarot is completed, the tarot mages must make a craft (tarot) check with a DC of 15. If successful, the card now carries the magic necessary for the tarot mage to cast certain spells. If unsuccessful, the mage must start over and the time and materials are lost. There is an exception to the crafting of the major arcana, and that is for XXI - The World. This card is an extremely powerful card, and is more difficult and costly to create. The creation process is 32 hours (a minimum of 8 hours per day must be spent working on the card), and requires ink and materials worth 5,000 gp. At the end of the process, the Craft (Tarot) check must still be completed, but at an elevated DC of 20.

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