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The Metaphysical Plane.[edit]

The reality of reality, knowledge of knowledge. This plane is smaller than the Abyss and can be considered a micro universe. It is artificial pocked universe within the brain of powerful psionic gods. The plane exist in other dimensions but its presence in this universe and the form is artificially shaped. This is where some creatures, dieted to some and demons to others come from. In either when you fall asleep, know that all your nightmares can be very well be true. The metaphysical Plane is much like the Abyss, except that that is more isolated from the material world, while the Abyss is a part of the material plane. The metaphysical plane, can best be described as storage of knowledge and its inhabitants are the librarians. These librarians however tend to be personifications of the particular items they study.

Inhabitants are both celestial and infernal creatures of chaos and law.

The Abyss[edit]

Refers the void in the material plane, that we think of as space. In the outer space, time and space fall gradually apart and you approach the plane beyond. Abyss-the abyss is begins in the middle of intergalactic universe. Somewhere here is the center of the universe where Azathoth and his court dwells. It's the endless vacuum where the celestial spheres proceeds through their mystic alignment.

  • Inhabitants are the greater gods,Azathoth, Yog-Sothoth and others.


the plane of Shadows, a portal plane to a dying universe where Kashur was the earth world that that the Leshay and drows imigrated from. All that remains now is the plane of shadow. All gods are dead, and all starts and many planets are gone. The deities that went insane instead of dying have invaded other universes.

  • Inhabitants are Shadar Kai.

The material plane[edit]

The material plane contains all the elemental creatures and it is roughly divided into matter and energi. It consists of a universe with galaxies and solar systems with or without planets. So it is much like our scientifically explained reality. The different planets have just as they have gravity or as starts project light and radiation their own planar traits. Each planet have their own planar traits. Orbiting around each planet there are secret, invisible and overlapping dimensions and planes. There are doubles morbid of the planets and the formless rifts between the dimensions.

  • Inhabitants are elemental, races and monsters.


Serving as the Portal between these planes is the Aberration plane. The Aberration plane includes both the planets and the alternative dimensions. It it actually, the true material reality and what sentient humanoid' small, visionless and unimportant nature, it does not perceive nor understand.

Asteroid Worlds[edit]

The homes of some gods, these worlds are star ships orbiting Teoryran and their huge stalactites sometimes scratches the tops of that worlds mountains.


The dark underworld is the lower layers of the planet of the setting. Upper layers are much more mundane,sub terrain continents where Chthonic creatures and civilizations live. Some layers contains a hell where devils and the dead, both good and evil humans are gathered in pocket universes by demons and other collectors. It is an artificial afterlife, humans do not have souls but instead go to these hells with a special ressurection spell that all humans recievet as a blessing by their course. All humans who believe in a benevolent afterlives goes to a malevolent hell, because their religious practices siphons a fraction of the power of some gods These souls are tortured in elemental hells, according to what personality type they have by demons.Burning in acid suits elusive souls, burning suits passionate souls and freezing suits dull and temperate souls. Hades is the place in hell, where souls have a chance to break free if they win battle against a demon.

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