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Nimda and Its Echoes[edit]

Nimda -The material plane


  • Also functions as the Shadowfell for all intents and purposes*

Overlapping the bountiful material plane a coalescence of evil and twisted thoughts known as Nightmare or The Nightmare Realm. This alternate reality is full of things that warp ones perceived sense of right and wrong, things like torture and murder are commonplace in this evil realm. Nightmare itself is more of a state of mind than an actual place. It is formed from the dark suppressed thoughts and secrets of all mortal creatures and thus can be a realm that takes any number of shapes. The planes main inhabitants are the strange corado, a race with yellow eyes and white skin which are reflections of the people on the material plane.

Traveling to the Plane To travel to Nightmare one must find a Slip and must rest by it while in pain. If the creature falls asleep they will wake up in Nightmare.

The Crossover's Effect The Crossover for this world obviously was detrimental to the material plane as the sudden influx of the corado caused mayhem to reign for several centuries.

Planar Effects The Nightmare Realm is foreign, contorted, and evil to any creature with exception to the Corado and can twist even the strongest of wills with the following effects.

Anxious Atmosphere: Creatures who have spent more than 1 day in nightmare are constantly on edge and have strong anxiety or stress. This makes focusing difficult, every time a creature tries to concentrate on a spell, attune to an item or attempt to meditate to change spells, they must roll a wisdom saving throw against their own anxieties (DC 12) or the attempted action fails.

Restless Nights: As its namesake would imply, sleep on nightmare is not very recuperative and the creatures who attempt to sleep on the plane are plagued with vicious nightmares and unsatisfying and confusing dreams. It takes twice the time to get rid of levels of exhaustion on this plane and the spell Dream does not function while in this plane.


Tranquility resembles a forest which operates similarly to an ocean. Whenever you enter the plane you awake on a vast collision of light grassy plains and a forest which has tress in its center which rise high into the clouds.

The Elemental Expanse[edit]

The Bellows -The elemental plane of fire

- The Boiling Sea -Fire/Water meet

The Deep -The elemental plane of water

- The Grand Falls -Water/Air meet

The Endless Horizon -The elemental plane of air

- The Broken Peaks -Earth/Air meet

The Caverns -The elemental plane of earth

- The Volcanic Wastes -Earth/Fire meets

The Positive Energy Planes[edit]

Arcturium - The good gods seat of power

Thestalia - The plane of peace and access to the energy of life from which celestials are born

Mordenheim - The plane of warriors and the gods swift justice

The Grand Gate -Where mortal creatures go after death if they have not been tempted to darkness

The Negative Energy Planes[edit]

Hextus -The prison of Kilthertis

Domarin -Kilthertis' original plane which is now a cesspool of lust and hate giving birth to demons and devils. Separated into 5 layers

Magalian -A land of pure evil which connects directly to the energy of death and decay

Milliplex -An endless prison where mortals that have given in to the desires of wickedness go. Has 18 floors

The Other Planes[edit]

The Void -An invisible realm that connects all planes. Enables planar travel

Constantium -The perfect plane of law

Contritum -The broken plane of chaos

The Great Beyond -Functions as the Astral Plane

Idolon -Functions as the Ethereal Plane

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