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This template is inspired from Fallout, the ghouls. Though this is twisted to be in D&D.

A corrupted race is just whatever race it originally was, but thanks to a heavy amount of dark magic, or chaotic magic, that has twisted them to zombie like, with out being undead.


Any humanoid


AC. As base creature, accounting for their modified Dexterity score.

HP. As base creature, accounting for their modified Constitution score.

Abilities. As base creature, though because the zombie looking appearance Charisma goes down to a 7 (unless the base creatures Charisma score is lower)

Senses. The corrupted gains darkvision out to a range of 60 feet, unless the base creature had superior darkvision.

Special Immunities. The corrupted is immune to the negatives of diseases, though a possibility they could carry natural-born diseases.

Saving Throws. The corrupted gains proficiency with Constitution saving throws when dealing with diseases.

Speed. As base creature.

Languages. As base creature, background, and class give.

Skills. The corrupted gain intimidation, and deception for they can use their looks for a good thing, well good for them.

Alignment. The corrupted are any alignment, though because of society pushing them down for their looks, it wouldn't be the strangest thing for them to be more chaotic.


Small Magic Shielding Since the corrupted became this because of magic, they get advantage when the target of a necromancy spell.

Small Magic Bonus Just like Small Magic Shielding they get a bonus with magic, they either do 2 extra damage to necromancy spells, or plus 2 to their spell DC with any spells that have a DC, must pick one once template is given.

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