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Design Note: This background is intended for races that are constructs or living constructs

You were made, not born. For some reason you have been crafted by a skilled tinkerer, wizard, engineer or other craftsman. Were you built for a war cresting the horizon? Was your maker a lonely hermit who made you as a companion, but died when they finished? Are you an ancient guardian of a sacred location?

Skill Proficiencies: Choose 2: Arcana, History, Religion, Animal Handling, Insight, Performance.

Tool Proficiencies: Artificer’s Tools

Languages: One exotic language of your choice.

Equipment: Common clothes (if you appear humanoid), a pouch with 10gp, a sketchbook with your designs inside, Artificer’s Tools.

Feature: Construct Image[edit]

You appear robotic and don’t blend into a crowd. Xenophobia against you is common among most races, but the wiser races find you fascinating and wish to study you.

Alternate Feature: Fascinating Design[edit]

There’s nothing in this world quite like you. You can usually draw a crowd simply by making your presence known. However, rich scholars and nobles simply can’t stand not owning you.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d8 Personality Trait
1 I am logical and have little to no emotion.
2 I despise my construct nature and pretend to be real.
3 I believe organics are flawed abominations compared to me.
4 I’m really uncomfortable about my mechanical nature, and I really wish people would stop bringing it up.
5 Boy howdy, I sure do love doing what people tell me to do!
6 I am a weapon for war, wake me when I’m needed.
7 My intelligence is far beyond any of these meat bags.
8 What do you mean I’m a robot!
d8 Ideal
1 Rage. I will avenge my master. (any)
2 Servitude. I will complete my orders, regardless of the cost. (Lawful)
3 Discovery. I need to know why I was made. (any)
4 Transformation. I want to become more human. (any)
5 Conquest. I am a weapon for war, and this war will be won! (Lawful)
6 Expansion. I will build a kingdom for my kind. (any)
7 Destruction. Organic life is unfit to rule this world. (Evil)
8 Preservation. I will protect all organic life. (Good)
d8 Bond
1 I was ordered to assist a community in any way possible.
2 I was built to protect a location, object or creature.
3 My creator is evil, and I will stop them at all costs.
4 I fight for my country!
5 I have an identical copy with whom I’m diametrically opposed to.
6 My mind was based off of a real person.
7 I keep getting drawn back to my master’s grave.
8 I was built to win a war, no matter the cost.
d8 Flaw
1 My master taught me that a specific race is evil, and (s)he’s never wrong!
2 If someone seems trustworthy, I’ll do whatever they ask. I’m also a really bad judge of character.
3 My master made me, so obviously they created everything.
4 I can’t feel pain, but I’m not impervious to damage.
5 My artificial mind is slowly tearing itself apart.
6 There are things that aren’t constructs?
7 I am unable to process that the war I was built for is long over.
8 I incite conflict among those filthy organics whenever possible.

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