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Bloodwun Clone Undead
Level: Sor/Wiz 8
Components: V, S, M,
Casting time: 10 minutes
Range: Touch
Effect: One clone
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No

Create a Clone using flesh or bone from an undead creature return it back to life

This spell makes an inert duplicate of a creature. If the original undead body has been destroyed or unable to host the soul, its soul immediately transfers to the clone, creating a replacement (provided that the soul is free to move and unrestricted ). Because the nature of this spell and the state of undead after having it body destroy undead souls are unable discern the difference between the entering clone and the phylactery

The original’s physical remains, should they still exist, become inert and cannot thereafter be restored to life. If the original creature has reached the end of its natural life span the caster can infuse some of his own life force (in experience points)in the Component. when done so the does not return at it true age but instead as a young adult of the original race plus 2d12 year

To create the duplicate, you must have a piece of flesh or bone (not hair, nails, scales, or the like) with a volume of at least 1 cubic inch that was taken from the undead creature’s body. The piece of flesh need not be fresh. Once the spell is cast, the duplicate will begin to grow for 2d4 months a laboratory is not require since the intent of the spell is to create a weakness in being very difficult to kill like a lich or others that use different forms of magic jar or like spells as a way to escape ultimate death

Unless the caster intent is to return the undead to a semi normal active life. In this case a laboratory is required

When the clone is completed, the original’s soul enters it immediately, if that creature undead body is destroyed. The clone is physically identical in respect to appearance at a much young age with the original and possesses the same personality and memories as the original at the point of its body's destruction. In other respects, treat the clone as if it were the original character raised from the dead, including the loss of one level or 2 points of Constitution (if the original was a 1st-level character). If this constitution adjustment would give the clone a constitution score of 0, the spell fails. If the original creature has lost levels since the flesh sample was taken and died at a lower level than the clone would otherwise be, the clone is one level below the level at which the original died.

The spell duplicates only the original’s body and mind, not its equipment. A duplicate can be grown while the original is still undead, or when the original soul is unavailable, but the resulting body is merely a soulless bit of inert flesh, which rots if not preserved.

Upon entering the Clone the target is return to life the newly activated clone need to be rested for eight hours to regain the ability to cast spells and spells must be re-memorized or prayed for

This spell also reverser the magic that created phylactery and the like from this point forward the undead template is lost making it possible kill lichs and other being that use similar magic as a lich to escape death. Further spell can be cast on the clone to prevent escape of the soul with contingencies that are activated once the soul enters the clone or once an activate clone dies etc.

If the new activated clone manages to escape it destruction it may attempt to recreate those enchants and or contingencies that prevent it's ultimate destruction ie become a lich once more

Material Component: A cube inch of decaying flesh or bone freshness is not required

XP Cost: 2000 xp used to rejuvenate the flesh or bone and provide the spark of life

The spell was created by the God of the Dead to restore natural order.It is distributed by his servants to those in need

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