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A Cloaker, By 3randon9othizm source

Rogue Subclass

Work smarter, not harder.
—A Cloaker after taking out the enemy healer.

Cloaker's are special forces units with the ability to excel in 1v1 matchups making them amazing at taking out support and demolishing squads one by one.


At the 3rd level, you have learned to become a specialist in what you do. And you are now trained in special maneuvers that force the enemy to do saving throws. You have a Specialist save. The DC of your Specialist save is 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Dexterity modifier

Smoke Bomb

At the 3rd level, you gain a Cloakers main entrance, exit, and bait option. This is an essential tool in the Cloakers kit. As an action, you can throw a smoke bomb within 20 feet of you (60 feet at level 9) to summon a thick cloud of grey-black smoke in a 20-foot radius centered on the point you threw it at. All creatures within the smoke must make a Constitution saving throw against your Specialist save DC or be blinded until the smoke clears, or when they leave the smoke. The smoke lasts for 1 minute. You can use this feature equal to your Dexterity modifier rounded down after which you must finish a short or long rest in order to be able to use this feature again.

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