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Goblin Loader: "We're out of ammunition!"

Goblin Artillery Officer: "Then load the Goblitz and fire them over for the enemy to deal with!

Goblitz: "WHEEEEEEEEE!!!"

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Valshock Campaign Setting

Class Selection[edit]

While the majority of people and creatures in Valshock revolve around a certain distribution of NPC and PC classes, very few of them manage any real note. Approximately 65% of the Material Plane's inhabitants are Commoner or Expert, 20% are Warriors and Adepts. 5% are Aristocrats and other NPC classes, while another 10% actually manage great feats as PC classes of merit. The DM should keep all of this in mind when creating characters. But also keep in mind that these are just guidelines and if you indeed want every character your party meets to be a Magi, then so be it... in fact, there are some cities that are stated to be inhabited only by Magik users.

Available Classes[edit]

Most classes are used from the core 3.5e rules, while very few changes have been made. The general synopsis of note is as followed:

  • All Psychic Classes must be chosen at level 1, but have no racial restrictions or class limitations. This represents the latent power of a psychic individual that is born with them. Some rare, magical or deific intervention may differ from this, but it is the exception to the rule, and therefore not listed.
  • Some classes have variant rules in play, within Valshock. Check the table below to see if your favorite class has had any alterations to fit the atmosphere and balance level of the Valshock Campaign.
  • Multiple Homebrew Classes and Prestige Classes were created and/or adopted for use in the Valshock Campaign, and therefore have had modifications and power adjustments made accordingly; Available classes and any non-root adjustments are listed in the table below.

(Note to self and viewers: A table showing which classes are available will be created for the purposes of the allowed classes... mostly for the added and changed classes)[edit]

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