City of Passage Attacked (Eberron Nights Supplement)

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News for Zor 26, Barrakas[edit]

City of Passage Attacked!!

by Ribble MacDuggenal Esquire the 2nd, Dwarf on the Scene _____________________________________________________________

House Orien Attacked by Emerald Claw, and an Explosion Rocks the City

PASSAGE -- The city of Passage was rocked today, when one of the cities prominant noble houses exploded from within, leaving a gigantic crater in its place. Several witness's claim to have seen a male elf leaving the scene just prior to the incident. We are unable to confirm or deny these statements. Shortly after, a group of adventurers whom were attending the banquet of the noblemans daughter revealed that prior to the explosion they were engaged by a group of Emerald Claw soldiers, a known terror organisation.

UPDATE -- The body of the nobleman was discovered among the wreckage that had been sifted through by local authorities. A cleric of a local temple while communing with the noblemans spirit confirmed that he was assasinated by a Changling posing as his daughter. The daughter's whereabouts are still unknown at this time, but things look bleak.

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