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Circle of the Feather[edit]

Sharing a similar appreciation for avian creatures as the Ornithologist, Druids of the Circle of the Feather devote their lives to the protection and preservation of birds and their habitats. They have a mastery over these creatures, being able to take on their form and call them in their time of need. What the Ornithologist achieves through science and research the Circle of the Feather achieves through magic, using the feathered creatures they are so devoted to in order to punish those that would bring harm to them or the natural world.

Avian Wild Shape

When you choose this circle at the 2nd Level, you gain the ability to use Wild Shape on your turn as a bonus action, rather than an action. Additionally, you may transform into beasts that have a flying speed, but they must be a species of bird. You cannot use the Wild Shape feature to transform into any beast other than a species of bird.

At 6th level, you can transform into any bird with a CR equal to or less than your druid level divided by 3 (round down).

Avian Friendship

Also at the 2nd Level, you have grown a strong bond with the feathered creatures of the natural world. You can speak, read, and understand Auran, and you can understand and speak to birds as if you shared a language. Additionally, birds of non-magical origins (such as a bluebird, hawk, or harpy eagle) are friendly towards you and will not attack you or your party unless provoked.

At the 14th Level, birds of magical origins (such as a Phoenix) are also friendly towards you.

Sovereign of the Air

At 6th level, your attacks in beast form count as magical for the purposes of overcoming resistance and/or immunity to non-magical attacks and damage. Additionally, while in your beast form, you gain 10 additional feet of flying speed.

Advanced Flight Maneuvers

At the 10th Level, you have learned how to fly with such precision that you are a force to be reckoned with. While in your beast form and while you are not unconscious, you can slow your rate of descent while falling, allowing you to land on your feet as if you were under the effect of the feather fall spell. Additionally, you can no longer be grappled or restrained while flying or hovering in the air in your beast form, and you gain advantage on all Dexterity saving throws in your beast form while you are using flying speed and/or hovering.

Protectors of the Sky

When you reach the 14th Level, you can call upon birds to aid you in combat. You can use an action to call a number of birds to come to your aid, up to a number equal to half your proficiency bonus (rounded down). The birds that you call must be beasts, and their CR cannot exceed the maximum creature CR that you can transform into with the Wild Shape feature. Each bird called rolls their own initiative and take their own turns. When called upon, the birds start at any open space of your choice within a 20-foot radius of you. If you are at a location that does not have access to open air, birds magically teleport to your location instead. Once called, you can use a bonus action to magically return any number of them to their natural habitat. They are friendly towards you, you are treated as their ally, and they always obey any and all orders you give them on your turn and on their turns. You can give orders while in your beast form. The number of birds that you can have in combat is equal to half your proficiency bonus (rounded down).

Due to the protective magic that you have placed on them, the birds you summon with this feature are unaffected by the environment (such as Extreme Heat and Extreme Cold). In the event that a bird under your command drops to 0 Hit Points, your passive magic resurrects the bird in the habitat that it would be found in, leaving an open position for you to summon another bird. If encountered in the wild or summoned once more, the birds still have memories of you and their previous time spent with you.

You can use this feature a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier (minimum 1). All expended uses are recovered after taking a long rest.

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