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Chitin Launcher [Rakshia]

Small spines form on the underside of for arm, and can be launched with a quick flick of the arm.
Prerequisite: 15 Con, Rakshia
Benefit: You gain a chitin launcher as a ranged weapon which you are proficient on each arm. This weapon has a range of 15 / 30, is part of the sling weapon group, is a load free, 1d6 damage, and a proficiency bonus of +3. When you are holding an item in one of your hands, you cannot use the chitin launcher on that arm to attack. You can enchant and disenchant your chitin launcher. When you disenchant your chitin launchers, they do not turn to dust.
In addition each chitin launcher has (30 + Constitution score) chitin barbs which act as ammunition as the chitin launcher. When you take an extended rest you regain all of your missing chitin barbs, and when you take a short rest you regain (5 + Constitution modifier) chitin barbs. When you expend all of your chitin barbs you may spend a healing surge to regain (10 + Constitution modifier) chitin barbs as a move action.

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