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Charon Apprentice

Prerequisites: The ability to cast at least one spell.
The study of your spells have allowed you to start mastering the arts of combining Life magics with necrotic magics, and as such gain the following benefits:

  • Necrotic Lore: You gain access to the arcane school of necromancy when are preparing your spells.
  • Vitality Empowerment: You know how to use your own life force to empower your Healing & Necrotic spells. You can use your hit dice to increase the level of the Healing or Necrotic spell you are casting at the risk of overexerting your own energy and harming your physical body. When you use a hit dice in this way you roll the hit dice and whatever you roll you take that much damage.
 Hitdice to spell Slot level
 1 Hitdice = +1 Spell Slot level 
 2 Hitdice = +2 Spell Slot level 
 Using 3 hitdice gives you one level of exhaustion
 3 Hitdice = +3 Spell Slot level 
 Using 4 hitdice gives you two level's of exhaustion
 4 Hitdice = +4 Spell Slot level
 Using 5 hitdice gives you Three level's of exhaustion
 5 Hitdice = +5 Spell Slot level
 Using 6 hitdice gives you Four level's of exhaustion
 6 Hitdice = +6 Spell Slot level
 Using 7 hitdice gives you Five level's of exhaustion
 7 Hitdice = +7 Spell Slot level
 Using all your life energy you can cast a spell at ninth level but you will instantly die and your soul is lost to Necrotic energy. Nothing short of a wish will be able to bring you back.

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