Charon's alternate Fighting Styles (3.5e Charon Fighting Style)

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Voidstriker Charon Style feats[edit]

Those are adapted from the Nullblade class to work with Charon, ferryman of hell, for a Charon with an emphasis to Voidstriking.

Null Blade

Prerequisites: Voidstrike class feature, Weapon Focus (any weapon). Benefit: Whenever you successfully attack an opponent with any weapon with which you have Weapon Focus, you may choose to gain your Voidstrike damage as bonus damage on the attack. If you do so, the attack counts as a Voidstrike attack for the purposes of your Improved Voidstrike class feature, if applicable. Normal: You only deal Voidstrike damage with a melee touch attack.

Void Burst

Prerequisites: Voidstrike class feature. Benefit: As a standard action, you can make a Voidstrike as a ranged touch attack, with a range increment of 30 feet.

Extra Nullify

Prerequisites: Nullify class feature. Benefit: You can use your Nullify class feature an additional time per day. Special: You can select this feat multiple times; its effects stack.

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