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The land of Praemium Terra is diverse in many ways. This has led to a great variety of people, reflecting many different kinds of personalities.


The new leader of a mid-sized human town and the surrounding county, Lyaldor has little choice but to pay a crushing tribute to the archmage which rules over the region. For years, he has watched as his people have gone hungry in a land of plenty because of the 500, and as leader, he wishes to make it stop. He believes that a good leader puts the needs of the people first, and that what the 500 are doing to lands such as his is very wrong. His farmers (who live outside of and around the town) have to send their wheat, oats, and most other food crops to the archmages as tribute, leaving only potatoes behind as the staple food. If something were to happen to the potato crop, starvation would ensue.


A bronze half-dragon, she is the result of the union of a bronze dragoness and one of the weaker of the 500. A born sorceress, Cenandra was expected to become a mage of great power, but her concern for the peasants contrasted greatly with the cold indifference shown by her father. Cenandra's father is not an evil archmage, but he is flawed in that he is unable to rise above the system of serfdom; he cares about the peasants and realizes that serfdom is bad, but he is unwilling to part with the wealth and power he gains from the system. Ironically, it was Cenandra's mother who made her run away when she tried to have her marry an archmage for the benefits the marriage between the two estates would bring. Currently, Cenandra lives outside of the system, in a seaside cave, where she is the de facto protector of a series of miserably poor fishing villages set up on a rocky coastline, where the archmages don't often exercise their power. She spends her days fishing and diving for pearls (which are farther down than the fishers can reach) to create a small hoard of treasure.


A former slave of one of the archmages, he managed to escape by poisoning the wizard's food with a magical item. The end result was that the wizard was turned into a cat. After escaping, Alexandros met with an oracle, and learned of his true heritage; that he is actually the son of a king of a distant land. He is currently in Prodigia, waiting for a ship that he can buy passage on. So far, no ship has been heading to his homeland.


Deidre, the apprentice. She isn't very powerful now, but she could be a good mage in time.

The apprentice of one of the weaker archmages in the 500, Deidre has little contact with the outside world. She is unaware that the archmage that she is apprenticed to is evil, or that he simply wants more power for himself. So far, she has learned relatively little (by archmage standards), although she is skilled enough to teleport, and may one day be a good wizard. Deidre lives in comfort and relative isolation; she is unaware that the 500 cause great suffering to the bulk of the population.


This very young dragon's sad life is an example of exactly what is wrong with the lands of Praemium Terra. Telidir and his family were the product of mutations caused by magic; his parents were a red dragon (his father), and a brown-colored dragon of unknown classification (his mother.) His father was killed for his skin and horns before Telidir was even hatched. His mother died a short time ago from wounds suffered in battle with another dragon, and now, he is left alone. Before she died, his mother told him of a magical power source hidden in a high range of mountains; this power was to be used by him when he was old enough and strong enough to harness it, as its destructive power was great. Unfortunately, an archmage (one of the very weakest of the 500) and a group of Lycanthropes have heard of the power source, and have used illusions to trick Telidir into thinking that his mortally injured mother was still alive but wounded (a very convincing illusion; when Telidir cast a healing spell was cast on it, the fake wounds healed and then came back open again; the reason given was that the injuries were inflicted by magic), and that the destructive power source in the mountains could save her. After Telidir unintentionally leads the archmage and his lycanthrope allies to the power source, they will kill him and take it for themselves. The saddest part is that Telidir can actually see through the illusion if he had chosen to do so, but didn't even want to try and see through the trick because he didn't want to think that his mother was really dead. The archmage knew that would happen...the mage doesn't care about lives or morality...only wealth and power.


Another sad story, Nesaea is a nymph who was sold her soul to an archmage for even greater beauty than all of the other nymphs. The deal was made, and her beauty was unsurpassed, but the side-effect was that her blinding beauty ability was permanently activated as well as dramatically strengthened; the irony is that she is beautiful beyond belief, but that no one can see her. She has to live in isolation in the deepest forest for fear of blinding others that are near her. She hates her life because of this, but she fears death because of what will happen to her soul when she dies... the archmages are known to treat the souls that are sold to them as if they were raw metal to be forged, or else used for whatever purpose they want.


A former apprentice to one of the 500 archmages, Tedril has rebelled against the system and is the leader of a small, desperate resistance movement. Always on the move, Tedril and his band of resisters hide out in the mountains and deserts. Recruiting the poorest of the poor, the weakest, and the most marginalized of society, Tedril has been able to command no more than a few thousand men. He recruits regardless of race or gender, but most of his followers are human and elven men. Always suspicious of betrayal, Tedril will likely not cooperate with adventuring parties when they encounter him.


Areille regrets her decision to stay as an apprentice of one of the 500. Some days, she wishes she could leave, but she is unwilling to live on the run with Tedril.

The apprentice to another archmage, Areille was and still is a supporter of the rule of the 500. She was the lover of Tedril and he loved her as well, but his opposition to the 500 was irreconcilable with her support of them. In the end, he had to leave her, and she was unwilling to follow. Her unwillingness to go with Tedril is twofold; first, she was unwilling to part with the luxuries of her home in the archmage's tower, and secondly, she did not want to raise their illegitimate child on the run. She is an elitist and has carried out attacks against rebelling peasants on the command of her master. She is especially skilled in bestowing curses, and she has cursed the leaders of peasant revolts to prevent them from rising up in revolt again.

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