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Caves of Aelithe[edit]

History: The Caves were inhabited by a reclusive druid by the name of Aelithe. Stricken with fear of the outside world and the danger of the natural environment, she ultimately felt more in tune with the cave's properties, and made her home in their darkness, descending further into a depressive state. Using her abilities, she began to illuminate the caves by imbuing crystalline stalagmites with her power. They glowed brilliantly in the dark. For years, what pulled her from the depths of loneliness was to create these glowing crystalline stalagmites, pillars, and more. By the time she ventured back to the world she'd forsaken, the inside of the caves were illuminated by massive glowing crystalline arrangements, ultimately making the interior look as though it were made of colored ice. Having been able to face the world as an older woman now, she has taken it upon herself to focus on the well being of children and others in nearby communities, always allowing them to visit the caves when they need to. While many love the blues, reds, yellows, etc, some claim they don't like the feeling they get within the caves. Aelithe attributes it to a fear of confinement or the dark. Others don't believe this to be the cause.

Physical Description: The caves are varying in size and height. Most of the cave's more crystalline walls, boulders, and hanging stalagmites now illuminate the spaces around them, with a variety of areas as well. The entrance to the caves are fairly dim, symbolizing initial fear and dread of the unknown. The second space, however, is a dazzling display of glowing colors, as well as crystals imbued with wispy energies to make the glowing "lights" dance. There are then paths through the caves which lead to blue, yellow, and red sections. The colors begin in their most vibrant colored state, slowly becoming lighter until they are a bright white. At which point, they signify the end of the explored path, with only unilluminated ares remaining beyond. Betweene ach section are a small number of miniature connecting caves which combine the colors. Most notable of them is a small tunnel (Requires crouching) which reaches a medium sized crevasse full of purple amethyst-inspired crystals.

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