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Ocean Catgirl[edit]

ocean catgirls live in their own emotionally bonded community without a ruling structure, where they dwell within interconnecting dens but come and go as they please. these catgirls don't participate in an adoption or foster program but instead insert themselves into the everyday life of nearby seaside towns, subscribing to the thought of it takes a village to raise a child. They have a close connection to nature and the spirits as well as an affinity for the arts and a knack for healing.


Ocean catgirls tend to be spiritual daydreamers who funnel their creative energy in may ways. just as often you will find a ocean catrgirl anchored to one place, contend with creating fantastical bulidings and art, as you will see one with wanderlust recklessly diving into any adventure. They are also great healers and tend to use practice the healing arts along with any other vocation that they take up. These catgirls are seen as very relaxed or even distant. In fact they are just as joyful and mischievous as many of their brethren and have a wide intense range of emotions that they don't often show because they are quite shy. only after extensive unnoticed observing of a new person will the catgirl approach. however a catgirl will form deep bonds with someone they really trust and are extremely loyal and happy companions. Their playfully side only tends to come through when no strangers are around, many travels don't believe village people when they tell of pranks or other strange behavior ocean cats pull. the one time most Ocean cats cant help but show their emotions is around something they think is very pretty. for some this is shiny, others sparkly, others colorfull, ect. preferences vary but reactions are generally the same with wide eyes, swishing tail, bouncy attitude ,and vocal exclamations of happiness.

Physical Description[edit]

Ocean catgirls hail as the descendants of Jungle catgirls who traveled downriver and took the ocean as their new home. As They adapted to the environment they gained the ability to swim exceptionally well but their jumping and climbing ability were lessened, though they are still quite good. like most catgirls they have ears, a tail, silted pupils, the basic cat look. However, the ocean catgirls took up some other traits as they evolved. in humanoid form they are slightly larger (being able to grow up to 5 feet- but often not above four) have with a wider tail, smaller ears, and webbed fingers. They maintained claws in both forms, though they are now non-retractable. in animal form -along with the other changes listed above- their bodies are lengthened, noses flattened, and they have a thicker double laird coat (for protection in water). fur can be in any color variation but it usually includes a white underbelly. these strange traits along with the love of water, has earned them the nickname of "ottercat".

Their clothing is often minimal for easy movement in water, usually only as much as a bathing suit. in colder areas the ocean catgirls humanoid form will also be covered in a thick fur. Jewelry is popular among ocean cats, some prefer to keep heir body without piercings and adorn themselves with bracelets, anklets, head circles, hair beads, necklaces, etc. Others can be found with MANY piercings. Jewelry is for aesthetics and spiritual connections, some of it contains immensely valuable jewels and some of it is nearly worthless. the monetary "value" of a piece is of little importance to most Ocean catgirls.


Ocean catgirls are prized as healers, spiritual leaders, artists, and storytellers among their groups and villages. They are also useful as guides and fishing companions. some ships even "take in" catgirls for hunting expeditions, adventures, or just everyday companions. Ocean catgirls often have friendly relationships with whole villages where they are useful members of the community and "beloved pets" but will also form very strong bonds with a few people who they consider to be their "family". the raising of the young is interesting in these villages, not only will catgirls be taken in by the whole village and not just a single foster family, but the villages children seem to be partially raised by the older catgirls. while the catgirls are very comfortable within these villages they often mistrust strangers. only after careful, extensive, unnoticed observation will the catgirl approach. They get along well with almost anyone after some time, useful since the seaside villages where most reside are often trading ports.


Catgirl names tend to be short, usually one or two syllables long, and then accompanied by a score of body language gestures. To properly translate a name into another language would require a much longer sobriquet than that any other race is prepared to remember.

Ocean cats tend to be given general names by the villagers that are common to their language or "cute" pet names. Examples...

Male names: Kurl, Mino, Mita, Sapa, Shy, Tello

Female names: Alua, Miiyau, Nina, Nuku, Priss, Pink

as well as nicknames from the sailors , usually a sort of description such as ...

Lucky, Scoundrel, Sneaky, Fish Stealer, Star Gazer, Little one, or Darling


Catgirls speak their own language but can easily pick up the language of their village or other languages if they hear them enough. villagers that are among Ocean catgirls also sometimes exhibit some of the traits of catgirl language because of their upbringing around and sometimes by the catgirls

Meaningful Gestures: Catgirls in-character typically exhibit a more cat-like attitude, and may sometimes include cat gestures or sounds in communications. Thus, appropriate use of such will enrich the characterization of a Catgirl.

(^) note! because of the Ocean catgirls strange otter-like adaptions they may also use slightly different sounds, such as growls with hisses, grunts and snorts when upset, and chittering when annoyed or bored. also, their tail is held lower, almost to the ground before curving up as it is formed differently and is heavier. plus, when on land, their body movements are more bouncy and less sleek.

  • Vocalizations
    • Purr - An expression of pleasure or comfort.
    • Hiss - An expression of displeasure or anger.
    • Snarl - An expression of aggression.
    • Low-pitch Growl - An expression warning. "You don't want this."
    • Strong Sigh - An expression of frustration in the form of a strong sigh or an exhaled snort.
    • Meow (^) - Comes in a variety of sounds, with meanings of broad variation. Commonly used for communication with outside creatures, or when body language is not viable. The following examples are the most commonly used, and can vary from one breed to another.
      • "Greeting" Meow - A low meow or chirp, possibly with simultaneous purring; a happy hello.
      • "Attention" Meow - An expression of desire for attention.
      • "Hunger" Meow - An expression of desire for food.
      • "Outside" Meow - An expression of desire for fresh air. Usually an extended meow accompanied by a nose point.
      • Chirping Meow - An expression of predatory anticipation.
      • Chattery Meow - An expression of frustration.
      • Wailing Meow - An expression of distress. In older Catgirls it is a panicky repeated meow.
      • Caterwaul - A vocal exclamation of sexual heat. Rarely used in standard campaigns, but some Adult campaigns might find this applicable.
      • Insistent Meowing - An meow in response to another creature's vocalizations. Borders on conversational, except it's usually just repeating the same line. Used as a form of self-entertainment (when bored) and also for expressing insistence when they want something.
  • Eye Gestures
    • Staring - Asserting and threatening. If visual eye-to-eye contact is made, this is seen as a return of the assertion. Blinking during this is a reassurance that there is no dispute. Breaking eye contact and looking away is a sign of respect. Avoiding even making eye contact is an attempt to avoid the conflict.
    • Fluttering Eyes - Expressing complacence, or just being in a sleepy mood.
    • Partially Closed Eyes - Expressing contentedness and trust. Comfortable and trusting enough of their company to sleep. Only holds this intended meaning when they're not actually asleep.
    • Fully Closed Eyes - Expressing full trust and/or contentedness. Comfortable and trusting enough of their company to sleep. Only holds this intended meaning when they're not actually asleep.
    • Slow Wink - Expressing contentedness.
    • Wide Pupils - Panic, uncertainty. (This goes for most races, but is still worthy of note.)
    • Narrow Pupils - calmness, certainty. (This goes for most races, but is also still worthy of note.)
  • Ears
    • "Relaxed" Casual Ears - Ears pointed forward and outward slightly, listening passively.
    • Tilting Both Ears Forward "Alert Ears" - Signals focus & interest, possibly also curiosity.
    • Tilting Both Ears Backward - Signals aggression or fear, can also signal possessiveness.
    • Flattening Both Ears - Signals aggression and defensiveness. Flattening the ears protects them for the impending fight.
    • Twitching Ears - Signals agitation or anxiousness.
    • Rotating Ears - Listening in an attempt to find the source of a sound.
    • One Ear Forward, One Ear Back - Ambivalence.
    • "Pointing" With An Ear - Detects a sound in that direction. Seldom if ever used as an intentional signal by the character.
  • Head
    • Head Rub/Head Bump/Nuzzle - A cheerful greeting. The reason for the contact from the Catgirl's point of view is to mingle and share scents to create a family atmosphere and environment.
    • Chin Rub/Chin Bump/Chin Nuzzle - Body language expressing territorial marking. "I like this, and this is Mine!" being the message.
    • Nose-to-nose Touch - A kiss.
    • Head Held Low - Aggressive posture.
    • Head Held Back - Reaction in displeasure.
    • Self Nose or Upper lip Lick - Natural tic expressing uncertainty, or reconsidering.
    • Mouth-open Sniff - Analyzing and savoring scent signals in the air. Seldom used by truly Domestic Catgirls, but usable by all for tracking.
    • Lips Retracted Bared Teeth - Full aggression.
    • Yawn - Indicates stress, ambivalence, and sometimes preparedness for action.
    • Gently Nibbling A Sleeper's Ear - An affectionate way a Catgirl can say "Wake up". Generally used only for those they consider close family.
    • Purring Nip - An expression of playfulness.
    • Nose Point - Expressing the direction of one's attention in a specific direction by "pointing" with the nose in that direction with a head swivel.
  • Body
    • Body Rub/Body Bump/Body Nuzzle - A cheerful greeting. The reason for the contact from the Catgirl's point of view is to mingle and share scents to create a family atmosphere and environment.
    • Arched Back - A defensive or panicked stance. This is pre-fight Catgirl body language or a way of avoiding a full blown fight. It can be used as a confident or fearful expression. A confident Catgirl tries to appear larger. The Catgirl stretches her back legs fully and her back becomes arched.
    • "Direct Attack" Approach - An aggressive offensive approach.
    • "Sideways Attack" Approach - A defensive approach used for "Fight or Flight" mode, often used in tandem with the arched back for maximum effect.
    • Falling on Side - Indicates submission, can also be indicative of being unwilling to put up a fight.
    • Sprawling Out - Relaxation.
    • Roll Over - An invitation to physical contact.
    • Kneading - An expression of pleasure, comfort, gratitude. The act itself is also quite pleasurable for a Catgirl.
    • Flick/Tap Another's Nose - A punishment for bad behavior or generally something the Catgirl does not like.
    • Grooming - A familial treatment, expressing care for the beneficiary's hygiene.
    • "Paw" Shake - Expression of disgust.
  • Tail
    • Tail Bristled - Expressing rage, anger, and/or panic.
    • Tail Hooked - Expressing uncertainty, but not feeling threatened.
    • Upright Tail (^) - Friendly posture.
    • Upright Tail Quivering - Very pleased, possibly expectant.
    • Flicking of the Tail Tip - Used when acknowledging of an individual presence, but being currently occupied and not wanting to be interrupted.
    • Twitching Tail - Expressing alertness and interest.
    • Thrashing Tail - Expressing excitement or potential aggression.
    • Tail Swish - Expressive of a mental conflict or indecisiveness.
    • Tail Between Legs (^) - Submissive posture.


Ocean catgirls tend to live in warmer areas that often overlap the areas of Jungle catgirls but can live along colder coasts that get close to the range of Arctic catgirls. They often interact with Domestic catgirls and sometimes Jungle catgirls, rarely Artic catgirls and never Desert catgirls. Ocean catgirls do seem to be a bit more teritorial than other catgirls, some even guarding their den sites from strangers.Although, because they are dependent on the males of other races to perpetuate their own, catgirls don’t have "lands" of their own, instead living within the lands of any humanoid race. Almost 99% of every birth leads to a female, and the race as a whole simply could not afford to rely on its own males.


Catgirls usually adopt the same religion of her village, if any. however as Ocean catgirls are very spiritual they seem to live by their own religion and don't take to extremly structured harsh forms of warship well.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • -2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, +2 Intelligence: A ocean catgirl is small. she is nimble and athletic with a deep link to the ocean, nature, and spirits mixed with an easygoing empathetic personality.
  • Humanoid (Feline, Subtype, Shapechanger)
  • small:small size she get +1 Ac, +5 swim, +2 climb, jump, +4 to hide, move silently.
  • Catgirls, Ocean base land speed is 20 feet when walking upright and 30 when walking on all four. She also has a climbing speed of 15. Swim speed 40.
  • Copy Cat: ocean Catgirl get one extra feat at first level, since they are wise in many traits.
  • Dark vision: Thanks to being deep underwater alot and to their ancestors nocturnal lifestle the ocean catgirl can see 100ft in darkness.
  • Skills: A catgirl receives a +4 racial bonus on any Hide and Move Silently, +5 to Swim skill checks, and a +2 racial bonus on Jump or climb checks. A catgirl can always take a 10 on these skills, even if stress or distractions would normally prevent her from doing so.
  • Alternate Form (Sp): An catgirl in half form can change into a otter-like-cat (hence referd to as ottercat). You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 plus your character level. Thus a 1st level ottercats can change into animal form and back again in a single day. Changing form is a full round action that provokes and attack of opportunity.
  • Immunity to Transformation (Ex): If a effect such as petrification or polymorphing affects a catgirl, she can choose to turn back into her normal form as a full round action, that provokes an attack of opportunity, at the beginning of her next turn, as long as she still has daily uses available of her Alternate Form ability.
  • water breathing: Ocean cats in humanoid and Ottercat form can breath 8 min+con under water.
  • Claws:They have sharp, non-retractile claws that deal 1d4 slashing damage, and can do 2 claw attacks as a full attack action, using their full attack bonus.
  • Bite: ocean catgirls also can use bite because of the otterlike form. They deal 1d6 damage.
  • Automatic Language: Felid and Common. catgirls have their own language of sounds and body language that is impossible to understand without the capacity to hear higher length waves of sound, and impossible to speak without a set of flexible tail and ears. Catgirls in some regions also add the sound of accessories such as kitty bells, just to further enrich the sound of the language. Bonus Language: Any. Catgirls mix with all kinds of folk and as such can learn any language found in an area.
  • Favored Class: Spirit Shaman / Druid. With a multiclass catgirl- Spirit Shaman class levels do not count when determining whether she takes an experience point penalty for multiclassing. Ocean catgirls are deeply in touch with the natural world, and the profession of Spirit Shaman or Druid comes easily to them. whether they are better at one, another, or a perfect balance comes from their personality, levels of spiritual energy, and level of mage training. They also make good bards if they can get over their shyness.
  • Level adjustment: +1

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