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Roguish Subclass

You utilize arcane runes on cards to destroy your enemies. The best Cardslingers can use nature, divine or bardic magic as well as arcane magic.


Starting at 3rd level, you can use Cards to duplicate the effects of spells. You can prepare Cards equal to your Intelligence modifier during a short rest, and you can prepare up to 10 cards during a long rest. You can have up to 6 Cards prepared at a time. Each Card contains a spell of 1st level, and they can only be used once. You do not gain the ability to use cantrips until 17th level, and you can only cast spells at their minimum level. You can only prepare Wizard spells in this way.

Superior Cardslinging

Starting at 7th level, you can prepare 2nd level or lower wizard spells, as well as 2nd level or lower spells from 1 other spell list of your choice. They count as 2 cards for the purposes of maximum cards prepared. Also, your Card Maximum increases by 2.

Cardslinging Expertise

Starting at 13th level, you can prepare 3rd level or lower spells from your current lists. They count as 4 cards for the purposes of maximum cards prepared. Also, your card maximum increases by 4. You may also cast a spell at a higher level if you invest extra cards appropriate to the desired level while preparing your cards.

Cardslinging Master

At 17th level, you can choose 1 other spell list to be able to prepare cards from. Also, your Card prepared maximum increases by 4. Also, you can prepare a number of Cantrip Cards equal to half your Intelligence modifier. They let you cast a cantrip you chose at will, 1 cantrip per card. You can spend a long rest changing one Cantrip Card's corresponding cantrip. Finally, you learn 1 Cardburst. It is a 9th level spell from either of your known spell lists and consumes 10 levels of cards. You may spend 7 days as a downtime activity to change your Cardburst by rewriting the base runes on your cards.

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