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Card Arcanum[edit]

Roguish Subclass

You utilize Magical infused cards to strategize, destroy your enemies an aid you in combat. Card Arcanum’s use their wits to win their battles. This Subclass overrides some of the Rogues class abilities replacing them (Such as Blindsense, Elusive and stroke of luck). Intelligence is your spell casting skill

Mystic Cards

Starting at 3rd level, you can conjure magical cards to store Objects, Creature as well as duplicate the effects of spells. The Cards themselves are arcane focuses. You can prepare Cards equal to half your level plus Intelligence modifier rounded down during a short rest, and you can prepare up to rogue level plus Intelligence modifier cards during a long rest. You can have up to your rogue level plus 10 Cards prepared at any one time.

For Spells, you can choose to prepare some Cards containing a 1st level spell, and they can only be used once until prepaid again, and you can only cast spells at their minimum level as your card powers increase. You can only prepare Wizard spells in this way.

For Objects, you can store non magical items inside the cards as long as they don’t weight more than 50 pounds. Magical items are trickier to store and compress into a card and thus you must make an Arcana check to try and store them, the DC is up to the DM’s discretion.

For unwilling creatures, you can store them inside the cards if you see them and they are within 30ft, to do so you must make an Arcana check. DC for capturing these creatures is 10 + CR level you can only capture at creature if your level is equal to or greater than the creature CR level. Upon releasing them from the cards that are under the player's control for 1 minute then turns to dust, counted as an ally you do not gain XP for this creature.

Once you have these cards prepared you can set a trigger for the cards to activate or use an action to speak the cards command word activating any one card you chose within 30 ft of you. Conjuring the cards item, spell or creature.

Greater Mystic Cards

Starting at 7th level, you can prepare 2nd level spells, as well as pick the choice of other spells from one other spell list of your choice. 2nd level spells count as 2 cards towards the total number you can have prepaid, your Card Maximum increases by 2. Your object storage weight increases up to 100 pounds

Efficient Mystic Cards

Starting at 9th level, Level 2 Spells only cost you one card slot now, the amount of weight your Cards can hold Increases to 150 pounds and you able to Re-use cards that were holding Non magical nonliving objects.

Superior Mystic Cards Starting at 13th level, you can prepare 3rd level or lower spells from your current chosen lists. 3rd level spells count as 3 cards for the purposes of maximum cards prepared.

Also, your card maximum increases by another 4. Also you can now prepare one Cantrip Card from any of your chosen spell lists. You can spend a long rest changing The Cantrip prepared.

Arcanum control

Starting at 14th level, instead of getting blindsense you instead get the ability to magically control your cards (Telekinesis), This ability works only on your cards and only to a range of 60ft.

Master Mystic Cards

At 17th level, you can prepare spells of 4th level or lower, this Count as 4 Cards for the purposes of maximum cards prepared. Also, your Card prepared maximum increases by another 4.

Finally, you learn Overload, once a day you can expend 10 cards to cast a 9th level spell from either of your known spell lists, after doing so your next turn is skipped as summoning such power takes it toll, you do however you still get reactions. It takes 2 days to change your Overload‘s prepared spell.

Deck Defense

Starting at 18th level, instead of getting Elusive you instead are able to use your reaction to either use any of your cards as a reaction, or use your Arcanum control you impose disadvantage on an attack until the end of your next turn. You may also use this ability to capture spells being cast as long as it's within 30ft of you, these count as 1 card if towards your card limit, the spell uses the targets spell DC for the spell. If the Spell is of higher level than you are able to produce the card is destroyed in the process.

Heart of the Cards

Starting at 20th level, instead of getting Stoke of Luck you can instead Spend an action concentrating on the cards left in your deck and infusing them with power, shuffle the cards and draw one at random card out of the deck. If it’s an spell that can be cast at a higher left its cast at 9th level. If it’s a Creature you have captured you can either use that creature it gaining a +10 to Attack Damage or and Spell DC for 2 minutes or “sacrifice” it to summon a CR 20 or less creature for 30 seconds. If it’s a non-magical object that object become enchanted to a +5 standard and can fly and move on its own gain the stats as the DM see fit. If the object is magical the items gain sentience and its magical effect augments to the DM discretion. If the Card is Blank you cast a random spell. These effects last for 5 minutes You can use this feature once per short rest.

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