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Rogue Captain : Rogue Subclass. :

This Subclass was made to address 2 things:

1. MC is not as flexible in 5e, i felt by placing some skills readily available to the rogue, people would be able to MC and use the feel of playing a rogue more readily, wile also allowing people who play with no MC more skills as a Rogue, from play testing this Subclass, it should not brake the game but i am not familiar with all MAX skill monkey builds, (but if your working something like that your DM would of already given you the OK) this is as close to being balanced to pure 5e rules as i can work it.

2: i felt that the Mastermind and the Swashbuckler was a bit mixed up, or they thought that people would only want to play them only using Two-WEAPON FIGHTING, but i feel they limited there own thinking with these rough and rugged subclasses, which they openly talk about as being perfect for a sea Captain in UA, but when you look, the mastermind dose not get a skill that the Swashbuckler dose that would work for them better. so i've mixed them together. wile you lose not being able to use your bonus attack to hit all the time offhand, your voice calls to your shipmates:

relying on speed, elegance, and charm in equal parts. your method of fighting looks almost like a performance. Words are your weapons as often as knives and poison. Secrets and favors are some of your favorite treasures. pirates typically belong to this subclass.

Master of the Ship.

When you choose this subclass at 3rd level, you gain proficiency with the forgery kit, and two gaming sets of your choice. You also gain proficiency in Performance, Persuasion, and Stealth skill if not already and learn one language of your choice. Expertise from lvl:1 can be re-arranged to RE-apply to 2 skills (not an extra 2 skills) at this time.

Additionally, you can unerringly mimic the speech patterns and accent of a creature that you hear speak for at least 1 minute, allowing you to pass yourself off as a native speaker of a particular land, provided that you know the language. or just an good accent.

Quick Whip of a Wit. Starting at 3rd level, you can use the Help action as a bonus action. Additionally, when you use the Help action to aid an ally in attacking a creature, the target of that attack can be within 30 feet of you, rather than 5 feet of you, if the target can see or hear you.

A Dashing fellow with a Sharp Blade. Starting at 9th level, your unmistakable confidence propels you into battle. You can add your Charisma modifier to your initiative rolls. In addition, you don't need advantage on your attack roll to use your Sneak Attack if no creature other than your target is within 5 feet of you. All the other rules for the Sneak Attack class feature still apply to you.

Footwork as Slick. Beginning at 9th level, you can sometimes cause another creature to suffer an attack meant for you. When you are targeted by an attack while a creature within 5 feet of you is granting you cover against that attack, you can use your reaction to have the attack target that creature instead of you.

A Rogue you can Follow. At 13th level, your charm becomes extraordinarily beguiling. As an action, you can make a Charisma (Persuasion)check contested by a creature's Wisdom (Insight)check. The creature must be able to hear you, and the two of you must share a language. If you succeed on the check and the creature is hostile to you, it has disadvantage on attack rolls against targets other than you and can't make opportunity attacks against targets other than you. This effect lasts for 1 minute, until one of your companions attacks the target or affects it with a spell, or until you and the target are more than 60 feet apart. If you succeed on the check and the creature isn't hostile to you, it is charmed by you for 1 minute. While charmed, it regards you as a friendly acquaintance. This effect ends immediately.

Naval Boarding Starting at 17th level,you learn how to land a strike and then slip away without reprisal. During your turn, if you make a melee attack against a creature, that creature can't make opportunity attacks against you for the rest of your turn.

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