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Greater Deity
Symbol: A crescent moon with a tree below
Home Plane: The Fields of Honor
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: God of Carvers and War
Clergy Alignments: Any Non-Lawful
Domains: War, Chaos, Nature, and Community.
Favored Weapon: Kakama
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Cannagundae (Can-ah-goon-day) is the chief racial deity of the Carvers (DnD Race)


Although Cannagundae is a chaotic god, he encourages his followers to build great civilizations, where people are free to be peaceful and safe. Cannagundae is a war god, and teaches that when in battle with an enemy, it is often a wise decision never to spare surrendering or fleeing enemy warriors, as those warriors may come back to kill you another day.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Temples of Cannagundae can be found in any large carver Town, or city, however many carvers are nomadic, and as such they often carry a small shrine to him, sometimes even a carriage dedicated to his worship. Clerics of Cannagundae wear orange vestments, with small blue hats to represent the moon onto the fields.

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