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Candin the Blue[edit]

Symbol: A shield with a sword running vertical behind it
Home Plane: Material Plane (Candin Palace)
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: Humans, paladins, nobles
Clergy Alignments: Lawful Good
Domains: Good, Law, Nobility, Retribution
Favored Weapon: Longsword
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The guardian of the humans, Candin the Blue was the third ruler who was given divine powers to lock away The Shadow. His legacy spans down to the current king of Cistalia, Alistor Candin IV.


Candin the Blue was the greatest king that Cistalia had and was it's greatest paladin. He was part of the Order of the Light. He encourages all of his followers to follow the law and to destroy evil in the only true ways possible, through hope, forgiveness, and most of all, law.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The temples of Candin the Blue are set up all over Cistalia. They resemble normal cathedrals with blue flags flying from the roof. His clerics wear silver armor over a blue tabard. Nearly all of his clergy are the paladins of the Order of the Light. Candin himself resides within the Candin Palace.


Very tall due to the power infused in his body, Candin the Blue looks like a middle-aged man with black hair and a nicely trimmed goatee. He wears gold armor over a blue tabard and carries a huge longsword. He usually is in the topmost tower of the castle.

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