Call of the Death God (3.5e Spell)

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Call of the Death God
Conjuration (Summoning) [Evil]
Level: Sorc/Wiz 9
Components: M, V, S, XP
Casting time: Instant
Range: None (see text)
Effect: See Text
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Fort Partial (See Text)
Spell Resistance: None

Upon finishing the incantation of the spell a terrible shape of shadows, darkness and death appear before the caster. The Death God wait silently until the caster utter his demand.

Bring Someone Back: The caster may ask the Death god to bring someone from the underworld.

Kill Someone: The caster may ask the Death God to drag someone down to the Underworld. The caster must have at least a piece of the body or some possession belonging to the target. Once everything is set, the death god teleports before the target and attack it. The target must succeed a fortitude save or die. If the targets Fortitude is succesfull, the target recieves 20d10 vile damage. If the target dies because of this spell, the death god brings the targets soul (if it has any) with him to the Underworld, making it almost impossible to bring the target back. The only way to retrieve a person is through the "Bring Someone Back" ability of this spell. Death Gods cannot be attacked while performing this spell.

Undeath: The caster may ask undeath to the Death God, The Death god may or may not grant the Caster undeath if it pleases. There is a 50% chance the death god grants the Caster the Lich template. However, the caster must pay 5000 extra XP. By offering 10,000gp to the death god, you can increase the chance of the death god granting the template by 5%.

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