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Measuring Time[edit]

The earliest known calendar system was supposedly made the Snow Elves who created their lunar calendar back around 5000 BT, although there is little to no evidence to support this. Then around 4800 BT was the 12 month-based system established among the Tukchan cities, called "Solar calendars", which many other civilizations would use. The Suthrian Dwarven city-states would be one such people to adopt it around 4100 BT. While much of the tribes on the Continent would use a lunar calendar in some form, the Islander Elves would create their own mythical 10-month calendar, called the "Losian calendar". They would later switch to the 13-month League calendar which would be replaced with the more modern 12-month calendar copying the Suthrians. This would be known as the "Imperial calendar" implemented (in 1224 BT) by Empress Flaviane and that would be reformed into the "Galatian calendar" under the Galatius Reforms (in 653 BT). The Galatian calendar would be kept alive in Osterland as the Elven Empire fell and many concepts were forgotten. This calendar would become popular amongst the westerners, who were using their traditional lunar calendars after the Kievan tried to conquer Sentra and Vesterland. Emperor Franken (in 336 AT) officially adopts the Galatian calendar to try to improve administration and education within the Rheenisch Empire.

Fulken Names[edit]

Although the original names of the days and months in the Galatian calendar were almost forgotten, they were kept alive by hermit monks. The ancient names have gone through so many changes as the Solarises kept substituting names to the point that not even the Imperial Elves bother keeping track of the changes near the end. With the crowning then ascension of King Franken as the Divine Elven Emperor, he quickly adopted the old Elven calendar system which emphasizes keeping track of time-based on the sun instead of the traditional Fulken lunar calendar. This was done so he could solidify his standing amongst the urban Elven population as their rightful emperor by acting like the monarchs from the Antique Age. He changed the names as to make it easier on his Fulken population which didn't understand a lick of Alfen. Even the Elves have adopted speaking either Rheenisch, Alimanisch, Ontisch, or Tallian.

  • Common name = Alfen nomina = Rheenish namen
  • January = Horeran = Vintermond
  • February = Retian = Hornmond
  • March = Belluan = Lenzmond
  • April = Fertalan = Blumenmond
  • May = Kruran = Vundermond
  • June = Venaran = Jeagemond
  • July = Maxenter = Heumond
  • August = Galatius = Aranmond
  • September = Trebuber = Valdmond
  • Octover = Zaember = Vinemond
  • November = Achember = Bludmond
  • December = Solember = Helgalamond


Imperial Holidays[edit]

Pentarchist Holidays[edit]

Elashii Holidays[edit]

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