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The year on Unica is 333 days long, separated into 9 months of 4 weeks of 9 days, with an extra week after all the months. This Calendar of Ania was created by the god creature’s priests, and has become the standardized calendar on most of the surface. The last week is also known as “Death’s Days,” when many celebrate the dead.

Due to the still present magic running rampant, the seasons are unequal and vary in climate, though it is mostly as the seasons’ names suggest.

The Seasons[edit]

The Heat[edit]




The Frost[edit]



The Frozen[edit]





The Melt[edit]

Death’s Days[edit]

The Week[edit]

1: Hakols[edit]

2: Azihm[edit]

3: Ehast[edit]

4: Oumm[edit]

5: Blicius[edit]

6: Irox[edit]

7: Cozis[edit]

8: Takix[edit]

9: Dejums[edit]


Day of the Eternal Sun[edit]

On the first day of Xoprk,a festival is held celebrating the new year, the end of Death’s Days, . Common practices include a parade and the choosing of this year’s tribute to Libern. In Reltinov, a competition is held to determine who “enters the Archon’s service,” or given as tribute to Libern. In Ayiensa, those bodies who are in coffin-houses are buried. In Daomstead, the Great Hunt ends, and those captured in it are given as tribute. In Vok, the Shardmind give a portion of their findings from the past year to the city in thanks of their accommodation of the Search

Celebration of the Prophet[edit]

Day of Ashes[edit]

Feast of Whispers[edit]

Festival of Flames[edit]

Festival of Titans[edit]

Hageus’ Day[edit]

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