Bugbears Rogues has it going on. (5e Optimized Character Build)

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Bugbear Rogues has it going on[edit]

Hello we're here to see in theory how much damage a certain sub-species of Rogueicus maximus can do.

Da rules[edit]

  1. First of no homebrew.
  2. Second, no modern weapons.
  3. Third, the damage will be calculated as the maximum value possible. (Any effects will activate.)
  4. Fourth, account for the action economy.


  1. Set race to Bugbear.
  2. Set class to Rogue (Subclass assassin)
  3. Grab 2 feats: Spell sniper and magic initiate. (Magic initiate for green flame blade)
  4. Note down the magic items that will be used.

Magic items that will be used[edit]

  • Vorpal scimitar (the best option) (Also a finesse weapon so sneak attack bonus can work)
  • Potion of Cloud giants strength (27 strength)
  • Potion of Giant size (Anyone else want to feel like you're a miniotaur?) (time the ordinary damage dice of your weapon by 3)
  • Potion of speed (Wooh haste)
  • Potion of growth (In theory this is just all kinds of silly really.)
  • Headband of intellect (Who expected this item in damage based theories anyway?)

The build[edit]

  1. Be the max level. (20 in case you're confused)
  2. have access to the items. (Highly unlikely really, but seeing as this is just a theoretical thing we'll let that be)
  3. Have good enough stealth skill. (Because you really don't want to be spotted before you get to finish the preparation.

The effects[edit]

  • Sneak attack. (10d6)
  • Vorpal scimitar (an additional +3 and 6d8)
  • Death strike (times all your damage by 2 on the target hit.)
  • Assassinate (Critical hit)
  • Potion of giant size (Increases our Vorpal scimitar to 3d6)
  • Potion of haste (Grants haste = one extra attack)
  • Potion of growth (an additional d4 to your weapon)
  • Green flame blade (3d8 fire damage to hit creature and an addition 3d8+4 fire damage to adjacent target)
  • Bugbear surprise attack (2d6)

A single question I've got here before I continue on is if the damage from potion of growth will also be multiplied by 3 because of the potion of giant size.

The math[edit]

First attack: (Greenflame blade before crit just to avoid calculating crit it's there.) SA (10d6 = 60 damage) Sprise (2d6 = 12) + GF B (3d8 = 24 fire damage) VS (1d6 = 6 damage) VSEnch (3 damage) VSEff (6d8 = 48) + PoGS (8) + PoGrwth (1d4 = 4) = 165 total damage, but wait there's more.

First attack: (now with more stuff added Potion of giants growth now calculated into it. Yes, grow my damage!!!) SA (10d6 = 60 damage) Sprise (2d6 = 12) + GF B (3d8 = 24 fire damage) VS (3d6 = 18 damage) VSEnch (3 damage) VSEff (6d8 = 48) + PoGS (8) + PoGrwth (3d4 = 12) = 185 damage, but wait there's still more.

First attack: (Now with critical hit added in.) SA (20d6 = 120 damage) Sprise (4d6 = 24) + GF B (6d8 = 48 fire damage) VS (6d6 = 36 damage) VSEnch (3 damage) VSEff (6d8 = 48) + PoGS (8) + PoGrwth (6d4 = 24) = 311 damage but we're not done yet.

First strike: (Death strike happens) We take the finished calculation above and we now multiply it with 2. 311*2 = 622 Total damage in the first strike of our hasted round.

Second strike (Much simpler really seeing as I just copy and paste the last part of the above calculation.) VS (6d6 = 36 damage) VSEnch (3 damage) VSEff (6d8 = 48) + PoGS (8) + PoGrwth (6d4 = 24) = 119 damage. Death strike effect 119 * 2 = 238 damage total

So in total with this completely teorethical build we can deal, hey wait a second forgot a thing.

Green flame blade: (what you thought we were done with the calculations) GFB (3d8+4 = 28) = 28 total damage to the fellow standing next to your main target.


So in total with this now completed theory we can deal 622 damage with our first strike and proceed to do 238 with our second with the added bonus of burning someone beside your main target for 28 damage.

Total damage dealt 860 to one fellow and 28 to another. Altogether, damage dealt, 888.


The reason why we grabbed the spell sniper feat was for the simple fact that nobody wants to stand next to the enemy one is fighting, and that's it for me.

This was a completely impossible circumstance build brought to you by me.

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