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Imperial Soldier
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Valshock Campaign Setting

Greater Deity
Symbol: A fanged maw biting into a blade and hammer.
Home Plane: Plane of War
Alignment: Evil
Portfolio: Brutality, Cunning, and War.
Clergy Alignments: Any but good.
Domains: War, Brutality, Cunning, Destruction
Favored Weapon: Any weapon
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More information...

Bruuk and Braak are twins and being such look identical. In fact, no one can figure out who is who. Not even they can discern which one of them is Bruuk and the other Braak, for they end up arguing over it. They are gigantic creatures resembling some sort of giant greenskin. They embody their followers, pure strength, force, and obviously made for war.


Bruuk and Braak exist for one thing... war. The greenskin gods love war for the sake of war. They need no reason to send all that they command to war. Although they are willing to sacrafice everything for victory, they are often so gifted in military strategy that their followers often come out on top. They are considered evil for the fact that they live to slaughter, but they do not only align themselves with evil. They have been known to switch sides to make battles last longer and often fight on the side of "good" as much as on the side of "evil.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The temples of Bruuk and Braak are either stationary fortresses designed to house gigantic prayer pits or movable towers on wheels, fitted for war and destruction complete with a small room to worship Bruuk and Braak before battle... or even during it. Greenskins often go to war to please the twins and just this is a method of worship.


Bruuk and Braak are both gods in the Valshock setting... but are part of no pantheon.

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