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The Broken Soldier[edit]

Fighter Subclass

A warrior sits in the corner of the tavern, slumped down in his chair. He looks beaten down, and he slowly sips his ale. Three orc warriors walk into the tavern, glancing around the tavern. The bartender looks up at them, and slowly slides his valuables under the bar. The warrior sighs, and he slowly reaches for his greatsword. The orcs spot him, yell something in Orcish, and charge him. Their first- and last- mistake. He stands up and mutters something to himself, and suddenly darkness encases the entire tavern. The tavern patrons yelp in surprise, but there are more noises- the sound of swords swinging, blood splashing, and screams of pain. When the darkness dissipates, the warrior is gone, and three orcs lie brutally murdered on the ground.

The Broken Soldier archetype is only for a warrior who has lost everything- their home, their family, their love, their passion. They do not care for anything now, so they resort to the only thing they know won't let them down- fighting. Through this retreat into violence, they learn truths that they wouldn't have known otherwise, and they commit themselves fully into their bloody world. They are champion fighters specializing in one kind of weapon, being able to defeat anything in their path but at the cost of permanently detaching themselves from the world.

Lone Wolf

3rd level class feature

You know how to take care of yourself, not relying on the constraints of society. You gain proficiency with the nature and survival skills. If you have proficiency with them already, you add double your proficiency bonus to any roll you make with those skills.

Weapon Master

3rd level class feature

You have become a master at one kind of weapon, using this weapon to fight with capabilities some people would call superhuman. When you gain this feature, select one kind of weapon to specialize in. You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls made with weapons of your specialized weapon type. In addition, you score a critical hit on a 19 or 20 while wielding a weapon of your specialized weapon type.

Broken Spirit

7th level class feature

Your spirit is broken, worn out, so you have a level of apathy that can give you an edge. When you are forced to make a saving throw to not become charmed or frightened, you can use your reaction to give yourself advantage on the saving throw.

Bloody Soul

10th level class feature

Your mind and soul are bruised and battered, broken down over time, affecting anyone who tried to reach in. You have resistance to necrotic damage and psychic damage.

Vicious Blows

15th level class feature

Your weapon specialization further enhances, allowing you to swing faster than any human could. Whenever you hit a target with a weapon of your specialized weapon type, they take an additional 1d6 damage of your weapon's damage type. In addition, when you attack with a weapon of your specialized weapon type, you can make another attack with that same weapon as a bonus action.

Champion of Violence

18th level class feature

You have become a master at causing blood to spill, and you can make it flow more freely from your weapon. When you score a critical hit, you roll 3 times the damage dice, instead of 2 times. In addition, on a critical hit, you cause a creature to start to bleed out. Whenever they begin their turn, they take 1d8 necrotic damage, and continue to take this damage at the start of each of their turns until either they are patched up by themselves or another creature with a successful DC 10 medicine check, or they receive magical healing from any source.

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