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Bounty Hunter[edit]

Rouges Subclass

Heart of Steel

At 3rd level your heart has hardened through your past experiences, fear is not normal for you, making you numb to some situations. You make fear saves and saves against being charmed with advantage.

Marked For The Kill

At 3rd level you may mark a target as a bonus action, the mark lasts for 24 hours or until the target dies. While the target is marked this way you have advantage with attack rolls that target them. You may use this ability a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier per long rest.

The Wicked Can’t Hide

At 9th level you succeed on any attempt to track any target you have marked, as well you know their exact location as long as they are within 30ft of you. While within 30ft of you, they don’t benefit from being hidden from you.

Executioner of Evil

At 13th level, your critical range increases to 19-20. When you score a critical hit against a marked target you deal maximum damage.

Bane of The Damned

At 17th level when attacking a marked target you may make extra attacks equal to your Wisdom modifier against the same target. You may use this ability again after the marked target dies or after a long rest.

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