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Boosts are derived from the power in the cora stones, because of this they often resemble spell, or supernatural abilities that other classes may use. The boost is a burst of power that allows a character to perform amazing feats.

Boosts are used by the Order Initiate class in the Cora setting.


To use a boost an order initiate must have a Wisdom score of at least 10 + the boosts level, and be he must attuned to a cora stone. The DC of a boost, if it has one, is 10 + the boosts level + Wis modifier. The order initiate may use any of his prepared boosts as a swift action that does not provoke attack of opportunity; unless noted otherwise in the boosts description. An immediate boost lasts until the beginning of your next turn, while a standard boost lasts for 1 + Wisdom modifier rounds. You may remove the effects of a boost at any time as a free action. After a boost has been used, you may not use it again until 5 rounds after it's effect has ended. An order initiate chooses his known boosts from the list of order initiate boosts.

Single Boost: At 1st level an order initiate may only have one standard boost active at a time.

Double Boost: At 5th level an order initiate may have two standard boosts active at a time.

1st-Level Boosts[edit]

Distracting Maneuver: You bellow a battle cry and whirl around madly as you mask your true actions.
Endure: You toughen up in preparation for an ill effect.
Precision Strike: You focus yourself and gain superior ability to land attacks
Quick Reaction: You react more quickly to incoming effects or magic.
Elemental Strike: Your attacks become infused with the element of a cora stone you are attuned to.
Physical Prowess: You gain a bonus to all physical skill checks.
Tactical Dodge: You focus on evading any attacks directed your way.

2nd-Level Boosts[edit]

Blinding Strike: Those you strike must turn away or become blinded by the intensity of your weapon.
Ghostly Strike: You are able to attack incorporeal creatures unerringly.
Overcharge: You draw an extra boost of power from your cora stone, giving you heightened abilities for a short time.
Light Step: You are able to move across the most delicate of surfaces unimpeded, even walk across water.
Nimbleness: You gain a bonus to dexterity and move more easily through shadows.
Primal Tenacity: You gain a burst of strength, along with increased ability to push your opponents around.
Stalk: You go invisible for a short time

3rd-Level Boosts[edit]

Dispelling Strike: Your attacks dispel magical effects from your opponents.
Pestilence: A nasty smell comes off of you, and you seem to puff clouds of toxin.
Switch: You and an ally exchange positions on the battlefield.
Blink: You phase in and out of the ethereal plane, making it difficult for others to attack you.
Celerity: You gain increased movement speed, and an extra attack

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