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The Boneyard of the Titans[edit]

A monumental discovery
Viking Quest by Sean Vo
Day 17: We have finally reached the high plateau and our spirits have been greatly lifted. Our last climb was the most perilous yet, but by the gods’ mercy we have lost no more of our band. We are amongst the clouds now and the air is very thin, only our goliath guide is at full strength.

The plateau is strange indeed. A plain of limestone stretches in all directions, cut with regular clefts only inches wide, but oftimes meters deep. The land is seemingly devoid of life save for the hardy briars that shelter in the cracks from the constant gale and the seabirds that cry out all around. We have seen only but a few hundred yards from our camp as the clouds surround us in constant fogs. Tomorrow we explore.

Day 18: What madness has over come us. I thought I saw a cathedral rising in the mist, white as marble and of some foreign construction, but the clouds parted briefly to reveal the whole. Eye sockets like giant caverns and a nose cavity larger then the city-gates of Gaibannon.

Only a god could have skull of such size.

We moved onwards only to find hundreds bones of equal enormity. Rib bones that tower like redwoods and walls of ivory: humerous, femur and pelvis. And such teeth! Each the size of a house. It is hard to guess how many creatures died to create such an ossuary

—Journal Fragment

The Boneyard of the Titans is a place of legend. Even to reach it you have cross the most perilous of seas, pass clashing reefs and climb impossible cliffs. What adventure awaits the bold that reach its rarefied heights?



Small hardy plants grow in the narrow clefts in the limestone pavement. Some of the same sturdy briars can be found growing to greater size when sheltered in lea of some great bone, along with mushrooms and moss.


The boneyards are largely devoid of creatures in any abundance save for seabirds that nest on the cliffs and small groups of direwolf's . Any creature that has a home here must plunder the sea for its food or hunt what scarce lives there.

What lies beneath[edit]

The high plateau is comprised of limestone which means there are water-carved caverns and passages beneath the rocky surface.

Monarchs of the Boneyard[edit]

The Boneyard of the Titans is the hidden sanctum for a great being or beings. What gargantuan thing calls the boneyard home.

Example Monarch(s)
A tribe of Cloud Giants
A pair of Ancient Gold Dragons
The Last Titan
A powerful Wizard


The Boneyard of the Titans is a barren environment to sustain any large species, but who serves the Monarchs?

Air Genasi
Giant Undead

Adventure Hooks[edit]


Your vessel was lost in uncharted high seas. A great tempest blew your ship onto the wicked reefs your only hope is to climb the impossible cliff face and see what lands are its summit.

Rarest of Flowers[edit]

The young princess is cursed and only the five petals from a moon-buttercup can save her. Unfortunately moon-buttercups only grow in one place.

Treasure map[edit]

A wild-eyed destitute grabs your arm and begs for your charity. In return he will tell a tall tale and invite an adventurer to buy his map.

Last Keeper of Ancient Knowledge[edit]

The answers you seek are held only by Sindral the Great. Who is Sindral? None can say, all that is known of them is that they live in the Boneyard of the Titans.

Storm of Flame[edit]

A large storm comes and rains down fireballs and meteors, but why is it raining fire, and what is its purpose?

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