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Blood Rogue[edit]

Rogue Subclass

Blood rogues enjoy cutting up their enemies and using their blood to perform tricks such as inflicting Paralysis or Transforming for next level deception...

Blood Acceptance

At 3rd level, you may drink blood without contracting poison or disease. Your body will not reject transfusions of any blood type, and your blood can be transfused successfully into any creature regardless of their blood type.

Certain features require creatures to make a saving throw. Its DC is the following:

Your Permeation Effect DC = 8 + your Dexterity modifier + your proficiency bonus.

At 3rd level, on the turn after you have successfully attacked a creature, you may ingest its blood as an action. Upon ingestion, the creature the blood came from is paralyzed for 1d4 turns. The creature may make a Constitution saving throw. On a success, they may reduce the time they are paralyzed by 1d4 turns. After a creature is paralyzed, you must wait a number of turns equal to how long they were paralyzed before paralyzing them again.


At 3rd level, you may transform into any humanoid of the same size category as yourself as an action. This transformation is solely visual and verbal, and does not grant you any of their features. 1 attack's worth of blood that has been consumed within the past 24 hours allows a transformation to last for 1 hour. You may recreate the creature's clothing, but any clothing you are wearing will take priority. This only applies to the creature who's blood you have consumed most recently.

Enhanced Paralysis

At 9th level, your Paralysis die increases to 2d4.

Knife Proficiency

At 9th level, when you make a thrown attack with a knife or otherwise light, one-handed weapon with the thrown property, its thrown ranges are doubled. When you gain Universal Combatant, you can make one attack with your knife as a bonus action.


At 9th level, you have advantage on Survival checks to track creatures by their blood. Upon consuming a creature's blood, you learn the following:

  • Blood Type
  • Traces of Poison within the blood
  • Estimated Time of Death if immediately consumed from a dead creature, or time since extraction otherwise, via temperature of the blood
Jagged Blade

At 13th level, you know what makes people hurt. When wielding a martial melee weapon that you have owned for at least 1 hour, you deal an additional 1d6 psychic damage.

Multiple Transformation

At 13th level, you may keep the blood of up to 4 creatures stored inside your body and keep all of said blood for 72 hours. You may switch between which creature you are transformed into as a bonus action.

Blood Puppet

At 17th level, as a bonus action, you can manipulate the body of a creature you have paralyzed, causing you to have full control over all its actions. You can force the creature to make a saving throw (Details listed above) On a failure you can control all of it's actions as if it were under the dominate monster/dominate person spell

Total Transformation

At 17th level, you may cast Polymorph on yourself once per short-rest).

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