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Orc Variant[edit]

Blood orcs are entranced by blood and often will paint or bathe themselves in the blood of their enemies. This stems from a perverted, deviant, and corrupt branch of worship towards Shargaas, the night lord. The result of these grisly rituals is a form of self-hypnotization and thrall that allows the blood orcs to amplify their battle frenzy even more so than usual. Due to their practices with blood, this has changed their skin to a very dark tint and tainted their smells to forever reek of blood.

This race variant replaces the primal intuition and powerful build traits. You instead gain the blood frenzy and vicious face trait.

Blood Frenzy. As part of a short or long rest, you can harvest blood from a creature which has blood and revel in the sanguine essence as part of a ritual. As a bonus action, you can enter a state of crazed frenzy, granting your attacks advantage for 1 minute. You cannot use this trait again until you finish another blood ritual.

Vicious Face. You are proficient in the Intimidation skill.

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