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Blood Elf[edit]

Sarriq waited, waited, and waited. They did not come out. It did not matter. If they would not come out, she would go in. They must answer for their crimes, and if no one else would make them, Sarriq would. She went to the helm of her massive ship, shouting out to her first mate, "Prepare to dock here!" She watched as the mooring ropes tied the ship to the land, to some trees on the edge of the massive island that floated in the air. Her airship drew in closer to the island, and the gangplank dropped to the dirt that floated many miles above the surface of the planet. She walked down it and withdrew her Khopesh from the scabbard, the curved blade glinting in the sunlight, and her Gold swirling Tattoos standing out brilliantly against her dark, tanned skin. She was ready.

Physical Description[edit]

Blood Elves are similar to Sun elves in the fact that their skin normally varies from a copper colour, to a more gold colour, all the way to a bronzed tan. Their hair is generally varying shades of blonde, sometimes with other colours, such as red, and black is common as well. Their eyes, unlike most other races, contain no iris or visible pupil, rather, their entire eye glows the colour of their standard eye colour, which generally is red, gold, or green, along with blue being uncommon. The Blood Elves are tall, and considered beautiful even by high elven standards. Their swirling Tattoos are simply called tattoos, but they harbour nothing in common with tattoos. They are born with them, and they can be genetically or magically altered. For instance, someone who is born with Golden swirls going up their arms is generally a blood elf noble, Red is their standard soldier, and White is a standard, common, everyday blood elf. Purple is someone who is proficient in magical arts, and thus, have joined the Blood Mage Guild, abandoning their previous identities and adopting the solitary life of the Blood Mages. Blue tattoos are generally those who have been outcast and banished from the societies and cities of the blood elves for High Crime.


The blood elves, once, were one and the same as the sun elves, living in harmony with them, and leaving during the Retreat. But then returning to the mainland. Then, during some insignificant battle or other, in which some of the Sun Elves died, they were resurrected during a strange magical Phenomenon that happened due to a powerful Necromancer utilizing his practices nearby. When they resurrected, they were similar to their previous physical form with only one noticeable difference-- Their eyes. Rather than having the full iris and Pupil like their brethren, their eyes were one solid colour. After this, some of them were experimented on by the Science community of the Sun Elves. They were found to have a proficiency with a new kind of magic. That of controlling Blood. This was discovered when one of the test subjects escaped their restraints and massacred the guards and many of the scientists on site. After the discovery of their blood magic, they were cast out from the sun elven cities and banished-- hunted, even. They fled through a mysterious portal that had been opened and was closed behind them, never to be seen again on the plane that they had left behind. The elves themselves, however, ended up in a world called Orizon. A world of islands floating hundreds of leagues in the air, above the surface, and they learned from the native humans there how to utilize a skyship, which resembled normal galleons or ships of the water, but they used other means, either scientific, or, sometimes, magical, to float and move through the air. Some used ballast bags of air and natural gases, while others used pure white crystals that were mined in the City of Fellhammer. It was a dwarven city in the southern region of the planet and had many districts to it. After utilizing the Skyships, they escaped to the Eastern part of the world, creating a new home there, with their own hierarchy.

Blood Elf Names[edit]

The blood elves often name their children after heroes, whether from their race, or others.

Male: Aramonis, Tiroc, Harrion, Clarendus, Sifarion

Female: Sinomara, Sarriq, Elendea, Nihosa, Zaraxas

Blood Elf Traits[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 2
Age. The blood elves generally reach maturity around the age of 45, and live to be around 320.
Alignment. Although most blood elves err towards the side of Good, they will do most anything to see good achieved, and many times, bad things happen alongside the good. Though there are some bad.
Size. Blood elves generally range from 5 and 1/2 Feet in stature to about 7 and 1/2.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30, swimming is 15.
Darkvision. 35 Feet.
Blood Rage. At the first level, the blood elf displays uncanny abilities with blood, however, with no control over them. When blood is spilt for the first time in an encounter, roll a d4 to decide which of the following things happens.

1. Any blood that is presently on the field is lifted into the air, forming static droplets of blood. (They do not do anything further than that.)

2. Blood that is present moves rapidly, and is not as thick as it normally is, creating a slick surface.

3. Blood that is presently on the field within a 10-foot radius begins to fly around in a whirlwind around the blood elf, stopping small projectiles (Arrows, bolts, rocks, etc.)

4. A small amount of the blood presently on the field turns into a spike, impaling one random target for 1d4 damage.
Blood Magic. At the third level, the blood elf displays more control over their powers. They may utilize blood that is present to create simple weapons. They each deal standard damage compared to a normal simple weapon.
Blood Elven Schooling. Blood elves are proficient in 1 of the following; History, Insight, or Acrobatics.
Blood Elven Combat. Blood elves are proficient with khopesh, longswords, shortswords, and longbows, as well as crossbows. (Including, but not limited to, Hand Crossbow, Heavy Crossbow)
Bloody Experience. At the eighth level the blood elf can consume a Vial of Blood, or blood that is present on the field, to create martial melee weapons, they do standard damage compared to their standard counterparts. Blood Elves are now proficient with their blood weapons.
Surgical Precision. At the thirteenth level, the blood elf adds +1d4 to their damage with the Blood Weapons. This increases to 2d4 at the eighteenth.
Blood Ritual. At the fifteenth level, the blood elf may use the blood of the dead to scry into that deads memories.
Elven Mind. At the seventeenth level, the blood elf may choose to add their wisdom modifier, rather than another stat, to their attacks.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common, Elvish, and one other language of your choice.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

6′ 6″ +2d12 Inches 120 Lbs. lb. × (1d4) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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