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Blitz Knight[edit]

Fighter Subclass

The Blitz Knight is a fighter who flies through the battlefield striking many enemies at a time. Masters of dual weapon combat, they use their blinding speed to get the drop on enemies.


At 3rd level, you gain a +2 to hit bonus on the first attack after an enemy enters your attack range on your turn, and enemies you have attacked this turn have disadvantage on their opportunity attacks against you.

Top Speed

At 7th level, You get an extra 5 feet of movement speed and double your horizontal jump distance.

In addition, you gain proficiency in Athletics, or Acrobatics(your choice).

Dual Flurry

At 10th level, you can now attack twice with your offhand weapon when you use your bonus action. this goes up to three times at level 18.

Flash Step

At 15th level, when you use your action surge to take the attack action you gain 15 feet of teleportation that can be split up between Attacks.

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