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Blind Cave Humans[edit]

A race of humans who evolved from hundreds of years being underground

Racial Traits
Average Height: 5'11" - 6'5"
Average Weight: 130lb - 180lb
Ability Scores: +2 Strength, +2 Wisdom
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Blindsight 10
Languages: Common, Deep Speech
Skill Bonuses: +2 Perception, +2 Dungeonering
Blind: You are considered a blind creature for the purpose of effects relating to that keyword. You do not have normal vision and must rely on your blindsight. You are immune to Gaze attacks and cannot be blinded.
Blindsight: You can clearly see creatures or objects within 10 squares and within line of effect, even if they are invisible or in obscured squares. You cannot see anything beyond this range.
At Home in Darkness: You suffer a -1 penalty to attack rolls when in direct sunlight. You gain a +1 racial bonus to attack rolls when both you and your target are in complete darkness.
Blind Focus: You can use blind focus as an encounter power.

Blind Focus Blind Cave Human Racial Power
After a quick focus of your senses, nothing can hide from you. Every flaw in your enemies' defenses is imminently exposed to you.
Minor Action Personal
Target: Self
Effect: Until the end of your next turn, you do not take attack penalties for concealment or total concealment.

Throughout history, there have been many branches in the lineage of humanoids. There was a group which took refuge in labyrinthine caves to escape predators. They rumoredly never found their way back out. As a result, their eyes atrophied and their bodies changed. In exchange for their sight, their other senses were heightened incredibly, eventually enabling them to come out to the outside once more.

Play a blind cave human if you want...

  • To play a blind, strong, humanoid creature.
  • To have the time of day affect how powerful your character
  • To feel at home in the darkness
  • To be a member of the race that favors the fighter, paladin and cleric classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Blind cave humans have naturally pale skin because they get extremely little sunlight. Their eyes cannot blink, and their pupils are always fully dilated. Their eyes are colorless. Blind cave human's have light colored hair, and are their hair is usually white, silver or grey. Even from birth the weakest of the blind cave humans still appear strong.

Blind cave humans that spend their entire lives underground can live to be 150 years old. As a race, they begin to feel effects of old age around age 125. However, a blind cave human that spends the majority of his life on the surface, and without attempting to avoid direct contact with sunlight, has a greatly reduced lifespan and usually lives until age 75. These blind cave humans never feel the effects of old age.

Almost all blind cave humans wear blindfolds. Usually, they are just tied together bits of old tattered cloth around their useless eyes, but richer ones often wear blindfolds with detailed patterns. They do this to impress themselves when they feel another blind cave human's blindfold, but since they are blind they normally cannot tell the difference. Others wear elaborate blindfolds to impress those who can see. Most of their clothes are simple leather and scales tied together. Blind cave humans have a natural hate of perfumes and other forms of powerful scents because they confuse their senses.

Attitudes and Beliefs[edit]

Blind cave humans do not care much for technology or artwork. They prefer to keep to simple and minimal crafts and working with rough leather. They are known for being able to survive almost anywhere in the Underdark, no matter how inhospitable it may seem. Blind cave humans are known for having a natural rivalry towards all troglodytes.

Blind Cave Human Communities[edit]

Blind cave humans do not often go into the outdoor world because they find it uncomfortable and unnecessary. From time to time they come to the surface, and have made themselves known, but that is rare. They live in small nomadic tribes in the Underdark usually fallowing herds of herbivores and raiding troglodyte camps. In fact, the reason the troglodytes do not often raid surface settlements is because they are constantly being raided by blind cave humans.

Blind Cave Human Adventurers[edit]

Blind cave humans favor the Fighter, Paladin and Cleric classes. Three sample Blind Cave Human adventurers are described below.

C'rak is a Blind Cave Human fighter. He was a raider for his Nomadic tribe, but his tribe was eventually slaughtered by a Drow strike force. C'rak was out on a raid during the massacre, so he survived. After searching the bloodied remains of his family and friend he fled to the more shallow parts of the Underdark. In a Dwarven mining settlement, he met with a group of adventurers and joined with them.

L'oni is a Blind Cave Human Paladin. She moved to the surface and joined a Holy Knight Order. There, she rose through the ranks and eventually became a leader of a small force of knights. L'oni was famous for leading some of the best night assaults in the order's history.

P'wnd is a Blind Cave Human Cleric. A priest of Melora, P'wnd spent almost all his time in the basement of his Temple, but wished for more. During the night, P'wnd escaped the temple and joined a group of adventurers.

Roleplaying a Blind Cave Human[edit]

When creating a blind cave human adventurer, here are a few points to consider.

Wise. Blindness has allowed these humans to understand more about the world than through sight alone. This sometimes may make them a bit snooty however.

Resourceful. These humans are very adaptable to many situations. They are survivors as their ancestors were, fleeing from orcs and other dangers and making do in harsh places like earthen caves.

Blind Cave Human Characteristics: Simple, Resourceful, Confident, Wise, Courageous, Honorable, Troglodyte-Rivalry

Blind Cave Human Male Names: G'ynx, N'ack, N'haz, S'tray, S'sil,

Blind Cave Human Female Names: A'ina, L'ia, S'era, S'ofi, Z'rina,

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