Blessing of the Heir (5e Blessing)

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Blessing of the Heir[edit]

People can't lie to such a good and honest face.

Good gods award this blessing to those that are heirs to a throne in the upper planes or material plane (On worlds under such deity's watch) by birthright, or by the deity's initiative to have the mortal reach such a seat for some reason.

No creature can lie to you as if they've been hit by a Zone of Truth spell. Good creatures affected by this aren't aware why they can't lie to you unless you or someone else tells them, and won't dodge the truth without knowing why they can't lie. Additionally, others are unnaturally kind to you if they have a good alignment, and are willing to help you (And only you by this blessing) make a modest living and be sheltered by them, if they can provide. This won't cause them to help you (By this blessing alone) if it would put them in danger.

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