Blasting Spell (Metamagic)

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Blasting Spell

Your AoE spells are far more effective, literally blasting your enemies away from the area in a magical explosion
Prerequisite: Empower Spell, any spell with the [Fire] descriptor
Benefit: Any spell that has a range or area or effect blasts enemies withing these parameters back. All enemies who fail the initial save of the spell are immediately blown backwards 5ft/dice of damage. For example, an 11th level Wizard that casts a Fireball spell with this feat applied, any opposing enemies caught in the fireball's radius would be blown back 50ft from where they were standing, since the fireball would deal 10d6 points of dmg. Upon landing, enemies receive all the downsides to falling down, such as being prone. This ability does not work with any spell with the "Target: You" range, nor any spells that do not have a range or area. Making a spell blasting takes up a slot 3 levels higher than normal.

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