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Lesser Deity
Symbol: A sword and spyglass crossed
Home Plane: Outer Plane
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Courage, Exploration, Camaraderie
Clergy Alignments: Cannot be Evil or Chaotic
Domains: Glory, Good, Knowledge, Travel
Favored Weapon: Falchion, Scimitar
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Though his name may not be known to many, the God of Courage Blaine's influence spans across the globe. A humble deity, Blaine has long since accepted the fact that he is somewhat of an outcast, even among lesser deities; in fact, he now uses this to his advantage, as he is very rarely called upon to make major decisions and instead is free to travel the many worlds of the Outer Plane. Blaine lacks any permanent residence, moving from place to place as he pleases and generally seeking only to spread his message of brotherhood to other deities. As a general rule, Blaine dislikes religious conflict, however he firmly believes that a just fight must be seen through to its conclusion, no matter the outcome.

Despite being a lesser deity, many men and women alike worldwide inadvertently send their prayers to Blaine, whether it be to guide a lost wanderer or show a young adult their path in life. While many of these are not directly aimed at Blaine, he tends to share his blessing with the subject nontheless, often working in a rather subtle manner to guide wayward travelers to their destination.


Being the God of Courage, Exploration, and Camaraderie, Blaine's followers are expected to exude these traits and live them to the fullest. Many travel in small, tightly knit groups to explore any frontier they can reach. Followers also spread Blaine's message of brotherhood to any who will listen, emphasizing the importance of the bond between you and the ones fighting beside you in battle.

Unlike some other deities, Blaine does not expect any complicated, extravagant rituals or worship or sacrifice in his name; in fact, he abhors such practices. All Blaine asks of his followers is that they share at least one meal a day with a close comrade or companion, and that they always carry a spyglass engraved with the names of the following: the follower, the follower's closest family member, and the follower's spouse, as well as Blaine's emblem. The final stipulation Blaine has over his followers is that they may never divorce their marriage, should they choose to enter one. By the same token however, marriages are to be a symbol of a pair's mutual love, never arranged or done for benefit, and have no restrictions on them.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The clergy to Blaine are quite unusual among their kind. Forgoing the usual ornate, flowing robes and strict religious lifestyles of many other, they choose instead to live simple lives as guides and mapmakers. The clergy will most likely be seen wearing whatever attire is most appropriate for their region of residence at the time, though this will change frequently as they are, as a rule, nomadic. This is not to say Blaine does not have temples dedicated to him. While rare, there are several temples built in Blaine's honor, set in remote regions where only the most dedicated explorers will reach. The temples themselves take the form of observatories, often having a clear view of the surrounding terrain as well as being designed to give an unobstructed view of the sky from their main room. These temples serve not only as a place of worship, but as a sanctuary and haven for travelers, and as a paradise of advanced navigation.


As previously stated, Blaine is very rarely called upon to voice his opinions, and his constant traveling only serves to reinforce this. As a result, he does not belong to any particular pantheon, and has forgone sitting on this throne for choosing to construct a permanent figure in the night sky: the North Star, many traveler's compass at night, is the material representation of his throne, glowing brightly to grant his blessing to any and all travelers clever enough to use it and brave enough to require it.

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