Blades of the Tiger (novel)

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Blades of the Tiger (novel)
Blades of the Tiger PB.jpg
Abbreviation: N/A
Author: Chris Pierson
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Item Code: 176260000
Release Date: April 2005
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Page Count: 384
ISBN-10: 0-7869-3569-3
Price: $6.99 ; C$9.99
Product Blurb:
The War of Souls is over. Takhisis is dead. On Ansalon, heroes and gods have banded together to save the world from destruction. A new peace, of sorts, has taken hold.

Half a world away, on the continent of Taladas, the troubles are just beginning. Sorcery, long thought lost, has returned to the world. Disasters wrack the land, nations clash, dark forces stir in the aftermath of the Godless Night.

On the grasslands of the Tamire, an ambitious lrod unites the barbarian tribes, streaming south for plunder and bloody conquest . . .

Among the fortresses and cities of the Minotaur League, a victorious general returns to his family after years away . . .

In the shadows, an elven thief tracks a mysterious enemy that seeks a statue of eldritch magic . . .

One will live, one will die, and one will wish for death. For ancient powers are waking in Taladas.

Blades of the Tiger kicks off a series that will explore beyond the realms of Ansalon, the traditional setting for Dragonlance novels, and into the land of Taladas. No title has ever been set in this unexplored region on the other side of the world, allowing for an infinite variety of new characters and experiences within the context of the Dragonlance setting.

This text is quoted from promotion material. Text and images are copyrighted by the original publisher.
The Taladas Chronicles
  1. Blades of the Tiger
  2. Trail of the Black Wyrm
  3. Shadow of the Flame

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