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Maneuver-less Assassin (Black Lotus Assassin)[edit]

You are not trained in the Sublime Way; instead you are trained in the more deadly art of the Black Lotus Style.

Class: [[Assassin, Variant (3.5e Class)|Assassin

Level: 1st

Replaces: Any Maneuvers or stance granted by the Class.

Benefit: You gain access to a special Discipline, the Black Lotus. The abilities granted by this class are not maneuvers.

1st: Speed Bonus: You gain a +10 ft. Increment to Speed.
2nd: Vileness: You gain a Bonus Vile Feat, you must still meet the prerequisites of this feat.
4th: Death Attack: As the Assassin ability.
6th: Black Lotus Stances: This ability work exactly like Initiator's Stances. The assassin may switch between stance as a swift action. The Assassin may choose one of the following stances. He may choose another stance each 6 level thereafter (12th, 18th and so on)

  • Black Phantom Stance: The assassin gain a +4 competence on Hide, Move Silently check.
  • Deathless Assassin Stance: (must be selected at 12th level minimum) undead are now affected by Sneak Attack (other creature with Critical hit immunity still take no sneak attack damages.)
  • Duskslayer Stance: Gain +2 Competence Bonus on Attack rolls and hide check in poor illumination.
  • Mageslayer Stance: Your Sneak Attack deal an extra 2d6 against creature capable of Spells or Spell-like abilitis.
  • Nihilistic Stance: The assassin gains a +2 to saves/5 level against spell and spell-like abilities.
  • Shadow Lotus Step: Sacrifice a Standard Action to teleport (similar to dimension door) but the range of the teleportation is equal to your land speed. This is an extraordinary ability and cannot be prevented by dimensional anchor.

10th: Extra Sneak Attack Damage: The assassin may deal an extra d6 of Sneak attack.
15th: Extra Sneak Attack Damage: The assassin may deal an extra d6 of Sneak attack.
20th: Final Death Attack: Once per day make a Death Attack as a standard action (requiring no observation round).

At epic levels, the assassin may select a black lotus stance in place of a bonus feat. However, they keep earning stances every six levels (24th, 30th etc.)

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