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Enene tea(in ain tea)

2-4 in tall

Hairy green stem

Small green leaves

Blueberry sized White berries

Eaten by Frost Giants and Ice Mephits

Mashing up the berry and adding in the stem of the velvet leaf (below) which is also found in the tundra makes a nutrient rich tea

Red Death

The carnivorous creatures of the tundra prey on weak adventures, so they tend to hang around where the plant grows

Moss that grows on rocks near streams

Red leaves

Seeds spread onto things that touch it and onto other places

Covers rock completely in a blanket of leaves

Spreads across the entire rock

Poisonous creatures in the tundra eat this plant in order to make more poison.

Those who touch it become fatigued due to the poisonous nature of the leaves

DC 15 fort save to negate

Velvet leaf

Looks very similar to the Red Death

Red leaves

Grows on the base of trees 1 - ½ feet up the tree

Protects from small creatures that would eat the tree by surrounding the base

Mixes well with the Enene tea to make a nutrient tea



Tall 30 - 50 ft tree

Cone shaped tree

Needle like leaves where the wax on the leaves and the bark of the tree can be mashed together to make paper

Craft woodworking DC 10

Pages are crafted in 5 page batched provided you have the required materials

For every extra 5 DC you make the craft check by the paper increases in value by 5 cp

This paper can be sold at 1 sp a page

Binque (bink)

Short plant growing at the base of the Todina for shelter

Single flowered plant with a small red center between four red leaves

Good for navigating in the Taiga due to their rarity and visibility from afar

Worshipers of the Goddess Hila (goddess of plants) use these flowers when praying as a gift to her.


Grim Tassel

Small green plant that lays on the ground in the midst of the tall grass

Vine like look

Plant grabs the ankle of wandering adventures and trips them

Tall grass camouflages the plant

Plant eats the iron in blood

DC 20 Str to not trip

Enemies may plant this plant around their base as to trip people for an easier takedown


Tall grass grows mainly from mid summer to mid fall

3-6 ft tall

Thin blades and grows all around the grassland

The chloroplast in the plant has healing properties that heals weak poisons

Heals a poison with a DC save of or less 5


Sneezing cactus

3-5 ft tall cactus

Green round center with 2-3 arms coming off of the main stem

Lots of small needles across the entire body of the cactus

When the long hairs (5 ft square) on the cactus get aggravated the cactus shoots out needles to any creature in a 10 ft radius 2d4 damage or a 10DC reflex save. To negate

Desperate Zade

1-2 ft tall

Small cactus

Yellow flowers on the top of the arms and base stem of the cactus

The arms of the cactus follow the sun as it goes through the sky

Some adventures may think they are going crazy and get lost because of these plants looking different every time they see them

DC to remember some of the features or for the knowledge check is decided by the DM


Sugar Brier

2-6 in tall

Batches of 1 - 20 plants in one place

Plant that grows in small clusters across the forest floor

Green stem with a small bud on the top of the plant in the summer time

Roll 1d20 to see how many plants you run across when looking

Sugar of this plant can cause people/animals that eat it to feel full for 1d8 hours

It turns out that this plant does actually not fill the consumer’s stomach and just makes them feel full.

Depending on the amount of hours that the effect lasts the consumer may become very hungry when the effect wears off.

Tangle Lilly

Large 4-8 ft in diameter lilly pad

Green in color with a yellow centre

The lilly can support a large amount of weight 1D100+20 per foot wide for the weight it can support

When an object is too heavy for The lilly to support it will close around the object dragging it under the water DC 25 reflex save

After the lilly has trapped the object under the water it starts releasing acid to decompose the object 3d10 acid damage

Depending on the density of the object the decomposing of the object could take anywhere from 2-10 days

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