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Bindu Conditioning [Weirding]

Your training in muscular control allows you to perform incredible feats of physical prowess.
Prerequisite: Weirding Way.
Benefit: You may use the following nerve-based abilities. Dao Trance: You may enter a Bindu suspension that slows your metabolism, allowing you to survive for extended periods of time with very little air, water or food. You may enter this suspension at will; doing this requires a full-round action. It also takes a full-round to awaken from the trance. While in Bindu suspension, your heartbeat slows, your breathing all but ceases, and you appear to be dead. A character in Bindu suspension uses only 10% as much air as a sleeping person and needs no food or water for an extended period of tim. For purposes of natural healing, a Bindu suspension is the equivalent of assisted healing.
Increase Save: By spending an action point, you may temporarily increase one saving throw. The save, chosen at the time you use this ability, increases for a number of rounds equal to your Charisma modifier. The DC for the save determines the amount of temporary Increase. DC 10 +1, DC 15 +2, DC 20 +3, DC 25 +4, DC 30 +5.

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