Battle Wizard's Armor (3.5e Equipment)

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Battle Wizard's Armor: This silvery glistening metal is somewhat translucent and has many runes incribed upon it.

The Battle Wizard's Armor functions as a +1 Twilight Mithral Chain shirt. In addition the armor has 4 charges each renewed at dawn. Spending one or more charges gives the effects below:

--1 Charge: Either a Shield Spell (CL 1st) or Magic Missile (CL 3rd)

--2 Charges: Either Resist Energy (CL 1st), or Fireburst (CL 3rd)

--3 Charges: Either Invisiblity (CL 1st) or Summon Monster II (CL 4th)

Moderate Evocation; DC 18;CL 6th; Craft Magic Arms & Armor, Shield, Magic Missile, Resist Energy, Fireburst, Invisibility, Summon Monster II; Cost 6,750gp + 440 XP + 11 Days; Activation: Use Activated, Command Word; Weight: 12.5 lb.; Market Price: 12,250 gp

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