Basic Set (BECMI D&D)

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Basic Set (BECMI D&D)
Basic 2.jpg
Abbreviation: BD&D
Author: Frank Mentzer
Publisher: TSR
Item Code: 1011
Release Date: 1983
Format: Boxed set
Page Count: 63 (players) + 48 (DM)
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Product Blurb:
"Your first step on the road to Adventure!"

This is a game that helps you imagine.

"As you whirl around, your sword ready, the huge red fire-breating dragon swoops TOWARDS you with a ROAR!"

See? You imagination woke up already. Now imagine: this game will probably be more FUN than any other game you've ever played!

The DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game is a way for us to imagine together - sort of like reading the same book, or dreaming the same dream. But it's a book that YOU can write, without putting a word on paper - just by playing the D&D game.

This New Popular Edition has been completely revised to include ONE-PLAYER GAMES as well as group games for Players and Dungeon Masters. YOU can start playing RIGHT AWAY!

This box contains all you need to start having FUN:

  • Programmed adventures for easy learning and HOURS of FUN
  • The PLAYER'S GUIDE for beginning characters - with simple and expert combat rules, magic spells, and role playing tips
  • The DUNGEON MASTER'S HANDBOOK - full of treasures, monsters, and dungeons
  • All the Dice you need - Six different kinds included, with marker crayon
This text is quoted from promotion material. Text and images are copyrighted by the original publisher.

Written by Frank Mentzer as a clerical revision of the original Basic Set (BX D&D). This kicked off a series of publications which expanded the Basic game line into its own unique monster. This publication featured excellent art, particularly the iconic cover image by Larry Elmore. (Because of that distinction, this is often called the Elmore-Art edition) Unlike the BX publications, this version was not genuine about its promotion of the AD&D line and, outside of the introduction, goes to great lengths to assert itself as a valid game in its own right. The guide covers character levels up to level 3. Further levels are included in Expert Set (BECMI D&D). Unlike the J. Eric Holms and Tom Moldvay versions, Frank Mentzer and his team made significant changes to the rules. The game now played very differently than the previous versions, which had all existed as half-hearted sales for the original game and marketing material for AD&D. This significant departure from the original rules and nearly absent marketing of AD&D lead to the product line eventually being cut after its rules were collected in the Rules Cyclopedia (Basic D&D)

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