Barrier of Limited Law (3.5e Spell)

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Barrier of Limited Law
Level: Barrier Mage 3
Casting time: 1 Standard Action
Range: 15ft +5ft/caster level
Target, or Area: 15ft by 15ft by 15ft cube
Duration: 1d4 +1 round/3 caster levels
Saving Throw: will negates
Spell Resistance: yes

The Barrier of Limited Law allows you to create a space where you control what is happening inside, but only to a specific extent. Enemies immune to charm are immune to this spell. Upon leaving the barrier the effects still last for 2 more rounds. Upon entering the barrier, you must make a Will save or become under its effect. Choose from the following list upon casting the spell.

Force Emotions: Control how individuals feel inside the barrier, can make them happy, sad, angry, inspired, or enraged.

happiness: Aggression withing the barrier fades away, leaving everyone to not have a care in the world. Until Attacked everyone within the barrier is friendly towards each other.
Sadness: Causes everyone to lose the will to defend themselves, causing all inside to lose their dex bonus towards AC
Angry: Everyone within the barrier loses their cool, throwing away their defense to increase offense. All creatures take a -2 to their AC and do an additional 2 points of damage on confirmed hit.
motivated: All creatures inside gain a +1 morale boost to saves and attack rolls.
enraged: All creatures become affected as if they are under the effects of Rage.

Force Truth: The barrier creates a Zone of Truth, affecting all inside.

Charm: Puts all inside under the Charm Person spell. The saving throw decreases by 1 for each addition target inside the barrier.

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