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Barbarian Tribes[edit]


The Barbarian tribes call themselves the star people because legend has it that they fell from the stars, although some of the tribes claim that they sailed down on ships but we all know that ships can't fly, many generations ago from another world. These days the barbarians are broken into 13 different tribes with different names and different identifying tattoos and face paint. The groups often skirmish against each other but never have any serious long term wars for they still see themselves as a nation.

The barbarians live in the grasslands and they are all natural riders and warriors. Children are taught to fight from an early age, and how violence can solve any problem, just as long as you are big and strong enough. Women and men are treated equally and are expected to fight just as hard on the battlefield, the aged also fight and would prefer to die on the field of battle than old and crippled at home. The barbarians are nomadic. The numbers of the barbarians tribes are hard to count, they believe in having many children to keep their tribes strong but their tough lifesyles means that only the strongest live far into adult hood. Each tribe numbers between 300 and 1,000 barbarians in number. If these tribes were to be unified under one leader, with one common purpose they could cause a lot of damage to the neighbouring kingdoms.

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